Everything You Need to Know About Stun Guns

There are many ways how to incapacitate a person without the use of deadly weapons and without causing permanent physical damages. One good example is the use of a stun gun. This form of non- lethal weaponry is constantly featured in movies and television series.

Cool Police Stun Gun

Brief History

The device was invented in the 1960s by Jack Cover. He worked for NASA as one of the aerospace scientists for the Apollo moon-landing project. Cover came upon a newspaper story about a man who was not killed but was just temporarily paralyzed when he touched a fallen electrical power line. Such incident became his inspiration to create a non- deadly weapon that is capable of discharging bursts of intense but short lived electricity.

The Raysun Stun Gun Flashlight

How It Works

How does a stun gun work? Basically, this device can eject three milliamps of electricity that is safe enough to pass through a body but not to totally electrocute the person. It generates confusing stimulito the nervous system making the person disoriented and paralyzed. Take a look at these reactions:

  • The charge envelopes with the person’s electrical signals flowing through the nerves going to the brain. The signal is mixed resulting to random noises, inability to move the muscles, confusion and imbalance. It’s what you call partial paralysis and not temporary given the amount of charge that passed through the system.
  • The electricity transmitted copies the body’s electrical signals but instead of making it do a particular movement, it depletes the body’s energy disrupting locomotion leaving the person weak or unable to move.
  • Using this device means aiming it to any muscle or nerve part of the person, thus you can eject the charge to virtually any part of the body even with heavy clothing.
  • This device is widely used among law enforcers such as the police stun gun, among soldiers such as the stun gun flashlight with Aimpoint pro to aim at the target accurately, among ordinary citizens in the form of a cell phone stun gun who believe it’s best to be protectedagainst criminals and attackers.Though these guns may look like toys, they are still considered life- saving devices.

How Stun Guns Work

Factors to Consider in Buying a Stun Gun

So how do you go about in buying this weapon? You may want to take a look at these factors in in selecting the best gun for you.

  • Cost – A number of this gun cost from $15 to $150. Determine first your budget and focus on this for you to be able to find a device that works well for your advantage.
  • Appearance – There are different shapes and sizes available in the stores and in online shops, some come as small as the palm of your hand while others could be as big as large flashlights. They can be disguised as cell phones for concealment.
  • Firing and Effectiveness – These guns are tested to be 85- 90% effective in stopping an attacker especially during close encounters. These are considered contact devices that can incapacitate a person when you are in closer range.

Discover Cell Phone Stun Gun

Final Thoughts

Do you need a license to carry for a stun gun? There some places in the states where these are totally fine and concealment cases are not required. But there are some places that these devices are considered illegal. You can check with the police department in your area if the state you are in prohibits or regulates the use of this weapon.

Remember that you can still be charged if you use a stun gun inappropriately. Like any other weapon, you will be held accountable and can be imprisoned if authorities found out that you caused harm to any innocent civilian.

Cleaning And Gun Oil

Gun owners should know that proper care for firearms is important in order to keep them functioning properly. The application of gun oil and lubricant is important during the maintenance period and should never be taken for granted.

Gun Oil Silicone Personal Lubricant

All guns are made of different materials and each one has its own unique firing mechanism therefore to keep them in good condition specific type of gun oils must be used. Some are only recommended for modern hand guns and rifles while others work for the vintage types like the hunting guns. Premium quality gun oil and lubricant can influence the overall performance and makes target shooting very accurate even with or without the aid of optical devices like the aimpoint pro.

The Nature of Gun Oils

To select a good one, pay extra attention to the viscosity and purity of the fluid. Viscosity is the thickness of the oil in a given temperature. Those that are less viscous even when subjected to high temperatures will still facilitate smooth movement of gun parts. Refined oils are more expensive and are highly recommended for general gun upkeep. The less refined ones may cause residue buildup and can slow down the movement of gun parts through time.

Use Gun Oil Lube For Gun Maintenance

Take Note of the Other Firearms

The production of synthetic gun oil started to match the economical need for cheaper oils that are of excellent quality. Decades ago, regular machine or motor oil is used as gun oil lube and protectant. Today a number of oils are available specifically created to stand well under prolonged exposure to sand, dust and extreme heat. Examples of guns that do not work well without lubrication are the US military M16/M4 family, M9 and M1911 pistols.

There are those that do not require much lubrication like the Glock pistols and AK firearms. They are created to continue functioning without constant lubrication but will still work better if well lubricated. Check out these simple steps on how to clean and oil guns.


How to Clean and Oil Guns

  • Make sure that the firearm is not loaded. This is the first safety rule. The gun should be in safety setting and the trigger is locked. Make sure that the barrel and chamber are free of shells.
  • Dismantle the parts and spray with a cleaning solvent then let it sit for 2- 3 minutes.
  • Wet a brush with cleaning solution and run it along the barrel. Then use a dry flannel and repeat the same process on the remaining parts to dry it. Keep replacing with patches of cloth until the last piece comes out clean.
  • Clean the moving parts with a solvent then scrub with a brush inside and out. The moving parts include the chamber, locking block, rails, plunger and bore. Wipe them with a dry cloth when cleaning is done. Make sure to cover the inside and outside parts.
  • Apply gun oil lubricant to all parts involved in trigger and action mechanisms such as the slide rails, extractor, plunger and breech. Drop a few drops of oil on these parts then wipe with a patch of flannel. Use enough amount of oil for these parts to ensure smooth movement.
  • Wipe off any excess oil then reassemble back the parts.

Discover Gun Oil


Always remember the two factors that cause guns to function improperly are fouling and moisture. Fouling happens when metal and powder build up is created every time the bullets are discharged. This can cause rough spots that can affect shooting accuracy. On the other hand, moisture will result to corrosion. That is why guns should be protected from snow, rain, fog, water and high humidity.

Lastly, neglect is the worst contributor of gun malfunctioning. Always consider that aside from the use of a gun oil, proper care and handling ensures gun longevity and service for decades.

Gun Bluing at Home

A method called gun bluing is done to protect guns from rust and corrosion. The name came from the bluish black finish achieved after the stainless steel has been boiled in a solution composed of sodium hydroxide and potassium nitrate. This process has been employed for years by gunsmiths, manufacturers and collectors and it is still being used today to protect the beauty of modern guns and firearms and restore back the metal finish of old pistols and rifles.

Remove Gun Bluing

There are two types of gun bluing commonly used nowadays. One is the cold bluing technique and the other is the hot bluing technique. Both employ the use of gun bluing solvents that immediately react with metals. Take a look at the pros and cons of these bluing methods.

The Cold Blue Option

This inexpensive method is ideal for small gun parts that do not require all the heating preparations. It can dress up a worn part and can make an old gun look new. However, this method needs extra care because it does not create an even finish caused by the solution reacting to metals differently. An aimpoint pro may not match with a blued gun barrel for instance. Cold bluing kits of different brands are now available and these can be done at the comfort of your home.

Where To Buy Gun Bluing Kit

The Hot Blue Option

This method leaves an even finish and creates the deepest bluish black color. Hot blued guns do not wear easily. This process is quite expensive and can be found in large gun factories where gun bluing tanks hold large vats of solvents. Hot bluing demands more preparations, an expert eye on details and is only applicable to large volume of gun parts. This process is obviously not recommended in household settings.

All About Blue Wonder Gun Bluing Kit

A DIY Task?

The said methods have other variations as well created to meet different gun maintenance needs. One fine example is the blue wonder gun bluing kit. Chemists and gun experts developed a unique way of bringing the complex process of cold bluing into the convenience of one’s own home with the same effect with that of hot blued guns. This kit is composed of:

  • 1 ounce gun cleaner – this is applied to remove oil and grease from the metal
  • 2 ounce gun blue- this is the primary solution that sets the bluing process once it comes in contact with the metal
  • ½ ounce developer- this serves as the finishing touch to fully achieve the deep dark blue metal

Before starting this quick pre-packaged formula, always remember to read the instructions carefully and wear protective gloves, eyeglasses and mask because the chemical is highly corrosive. Lay down a plastic sheet on the table before starting to work on your guns. Remember to prepare a clean supply of water just in case you need to wash off an incorrectly applied solution.

Best Ways For Gun Bluing Tanks

This quick gun bluing process does not need soaking or rinsing so there is no need to have a large bluing tank. Simply follow the instructions in applying the contents to the metal. The solution will react with the metal, dries and triggers the bluing process. It penetrates deeply creating a finish that looks and wears like the real thing. This gun bluing kit is highly recommended for the beginners.

Cleaning and maintenance of guns can be time consuming and expensive. You can always contact your gun dealers for more information about how to achieve a beautiful gun finish without you actually working on the bluing process. However, if you really want to have good looking guns and passionately work on them then the bluing kit is ideal for you. So what do you think?

Women And Their Gun Range Bag

Women are slowly becoming fascinated with target shooting and hunting. That is why many firearm supplies are custom made to suit their individual needs. Items ranging from hand guns to gun range bag are now manufactured in different designs. Basically it is the color and print that sets these items apart and makes them feminine.

Special Gun Range Bag

Studies show that the number of gun owning women has reached 23% in 2011 and will continue to grow until 2015. Statistics has not yet released an updated number but most believe that this will continue to increase every year. Women today find that the need for self- defense and protection is necessary and having a partner to defend them is no longer relevant. Gun use among women is a manifestation of independence.

Take a look at these ladies gun range bags and cases. These come in hundreds of colors and models to keep every woman engaged in shooting and hunting sports.

Cute Pink Gun Range Bag

Shooting Range Starter Kit

As what they say, everything that a woman needs start with is a best gun range bag. This one contains the following:

  • a pair of pink ear protectors with an adjustable and folding headband, clear shooting glasses with adjustable rubber nosepiece and silver frame with pink details.
  • a DVD which contains useful information on gun basics and safety, types of guns, handling and holstering techniques for women.
  • a twill shooting cap with a curved visor and adjustable back buckle

This pink gun range bag made of twill that has padded compartment and a sturdy bottom. It comes with two zippered pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap

Cool Ladies Gun Range Bag

Handgun Cases

A very feminine concealment bag that is something a woman should have when travelling or making an appointment with a gun dealership representative. Wherever she goes, these bags are definite beauties.

  •  13” x 7” in dimension, the interior is lined with soft padding with two external pockets for the magazines
  • heavy duty zippers and adjustable straps
  • in different shades of animal and camouflage prints


Competition Range Bags

Women who join shooting competitions and sports hunting need to have carry- all gun range bag to make sure that all supplies are in place, in order and come handy when needed.

  • 16” x 8” x 12” polyester bags that are soil, water and stain resistant
  • have sturdy nylon lining, fully padded with four gun compartments for the ammunition and accessories such as binoculars and a reliable aimpoint pro
  • with eight slots for magazines and four side pockets and an extra fanny pack to hold cellphones, vanity kit, eye protectors and keys
  • zippers are heavy duty that can be locked
  • these bags coms in retro designs, paisley and tribal prints, colorful polka dots and florals


All About THe Best Gun Range Bag In The World

Long Gun Cases

These bags protect rifles and shotguns from being handled carelessly. They are so chic and can be carried effortlessly during hunting trips.

  •  the interior is made of nylon with padded cases, size is 13”x 42”
  • with single side pocket in two compartments to store supplies and accessories
  • handles are padded, zippers can be locked and the shoulder straps are adjustable
  • come in a number of floral and animal prints, paisley and retro designs

So what do you think about the gun range bag and cases? You can definitely find them online stores and in a number of gun shops. Prices vary depending on the style and design. These bags make wonderful Christmas presents this coming holidays. So grab one now and make your mother, sister or girlfriend happy and proud.

How to Choose a Rifle Case

When purchasing hunting equipment, most gun rifle enthusiasts will often opt for either a soft or hard rifle case. Each type of case serves a different purpose but both are used as a form of protective gear designed to keep your hunting equipment safe and secure from damages and scratches.

Upper Case Tactical Rifle Hard Case

Things to consider when choosing a rifle case:

  • Firstly you will need to decide what function your rifle case will be used for.
    • A hard sided rifle case is highly effective in protecting your rifle scope.
    • When you want to access the rifle quickly, a zip-padded case or gun sock may be more economical and well-suited to types of rifles that don’t have scopes installed.
  • Also consider the location where you will be toting the rifle.
    • If you will be on the back of a horse, a gun scabbard that is attached the saddle on the horse is ideal.
    • If you are carrying your gun in an ATV vehicle, a gun boot specifically designed for an ATV will be more beneficial to you.
    • When travelling by boat, it’s imperative to have a zip-padded rifle case that floats in water, in case of an emergency situation.


Waterproof Hard Rifle Case

The Best Type of Rifle Case

When choosing the best type of rifle case for your needs you will need to measure the size of the rifle and choose a rifle case that is several inches longer so the rifle can fit inside.

  • Padded cases which can be zipped up will need extra space for the zipper to function correctly.
  • Always test the rifle inside the case before you buy any equipment.
  • In addition, try to select a rifle case based on the rifle’s sighting system or the reliable aimpoint pro.
    •  If the rifle has a scope, or you plan on installing one, there are several rifle cases that are slightly bigger to allow room for the scope to fit.
    •  If you are flying with a gun, purchase a hard plastic rifle case that has two holes to accept a lock.
    • If you will be flying with two guns or with one of your hunting partners, purchase a double rifle hard case which has enough room to hold two firearms and keep them secure and safe.
    • If you have shooting accessories like magazines, it is advisable that you buy a case with enough storage to hold these items. Many hard plastic rifle cases have several different storage compartments inside the casing and some padded cases with a zipper function have storage pockets on the outside, ideal for storing ammunition and magazines.


Where To Buy Barska Double Rifle Hard Case

Soft Rifle Case

A soft case is more lightweight and is usually easier to transport than a hard plastic rifle case. They are also typically secured with a zipper and are available to purchase in a wide variety of colors and materials, most notably canvas, neoprene, nylon, leather or polyester.

  •  If you are going on a boat or hunting for waterfowl, soft cases are sometimes made with materials that allow them to float in the water.



Hard Rifle Case

The hard rifle case is often made with different materials, such as wood, aluminum, plastic or composite materials that make the shell hard around the edge of the case. This provides an extra level of protection and keeps the rifle much more secure than the soft case. Depending on the weight and the size of the firearm, the size of the tactical rifle hard case will often vary. As the hard rifle case is waterproof, this prevents the corrosion or rusting of the metal components of the rifle.

High Quality Hard Sided Rifle Case

When choosing a rifle case, you will need to consider whether you prefer an extra level of protection over a lighter weight and portability. If you prefer the latter, a soft case will often be the best choice. It can offer pockets, pouches or other types of storage so you can contain ammunition and magazines, in addition to just your rifle. Conversely, the hard rifle case offers much more in the way of enhanced security and protection and is required if you are flying as it is the only type of case that is manufactured with an inbuilt locking system, enhancing the security and safety of the rifle. Always remember to keep your rifle in some type of gun case when it is not being used for security reasons and transportation.

Facts About Getting A Gun Permit

Anyone at a legal age who wishes to own and carry handguns should have a valid gun permit in their possession. This pertains to a government issued license that allows a person to buy, own and use guns. It covers a number of restrictions, requirements, background checking and accomplishment of firearm safety course.

Concealed Weapon Permit Badge

Such permit varies depending on the type of firearms and the kind of activity where these are intended to be used. Hunters are licensed to carry rifles only for hunting and game purposes, others who believe it is necessary to own guns for self- defense and protection are issued with concealed gun permit. This only allows carrying guns in their cases and bags especially during transit. Some people are required to declare all accessories that come with their firearms such as the aimpoint pro or infrared telescopes before being allowed to get a permit.

Where To Find Gun Permit Application

What are the Requirements? 

They vary depending upon the state or country. These are the common gun permit requirements;

  • A completed handgun safety course certified by the Department of Safety
  • Papers related to citizenship or permanent residency
  • Valid identification cards
  • Drug and psychological tests
  • A filed out gun permit application form


About Concealed Gun Permit

What are the Common Restrictions in Carrying Handguns?

The license to carry such weapons also has restrictions. Here is the list where firearms are not allowed to be carried;

  • Carrying handguns during judicial proceedings
  • Firearms are not allowed in schools and universities
  • Handguns are not allowed in recreational areas like playgrounds, parks, civic centers and other public recreational grounds
  • Possession of handguns while under the influence of alcohol and prohibited or illegal drugs
  • Firearms are not allowed in wildlife reserves, animal sanctuaries, natural parks, local refuges and tribal lands
  • Handguns are also prohibited in airports, military institutions and any buildings prohibited by the law


Who are Those Who Cannot Legally Possess Firearms?

As mentioned earlier, there are restrictions in carrying firearms. Here are important restrictions based on certain situations and circumstances;

  • Those who are convicted by court of a crime punishable by imprisonment
  • A fugitive from justice
  • User of any prohibited or controlled substance
  • Those who are mentally defective or those who were admitted in a mental institution
  • Those who were discharged from Armed Forces due to dishonorable conduct
  • A person who has no valid residency, an alien in a certain country or those who renounced their citizenship
  • With court order to restrain someone from possessing a handgun due to harassment or stalking or threatening an intimate partner or children
  • Those convicted with domestic violence or any form of misdemeanor

During the process of applying for a gun permit, be prepared to pay local and state fees and inquire on what type of payment is accepted. The application can be done through online or by personally visiting the local law enforcement agency. The process can take up to 12 – 14 weeks especially that there is an increasing number of lifetime permit applications.

Threatening gesture - Revealing a handgun

The gun permit usually arrives through mailbox so you need to check it frequently. A letter is sent to you in case your application is disapproved. Once you have the card, sign it and have it laminated. Most importantly, study the local law and educate yourself and your loved ones about gun safety.

Research predicts that America shall issue laws which allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. The objective of this is to produce a steady decrease in violent crime. The logic behind this is that the criminals avert people who carry handguns for protection and self- defense. As more civilians are armed, the risk to crime related incidents decreases.

Gun Locks and Children’s Safety

When guns started to become commodities for protection, safety procedures were created to ensure that these will not be accessible to the children and reduce child shooting incidents. In order to address this, the safety division of gun manufacturing companies constantly creates devices ranging from simple gun locks to complex gun safes.

Hardcore Gun Locks

Due to a widespread campaign for gun safety that promotes safe handling and stringent storage practices, all firearm owners are required to use locks. In some states, the law enforcement agencies distribute free gun locks to all gun owners to further this campaign. There are a number of standards and protocols in manufacturing them which depends on the type of need and the make of the firearm. Some are ideal for transporting guns and some serves as complex locks that can’t be easily opened.

Tips For Cable Gun Locks

Common Types of Gun Locks

The major function of locks is to that prevent any firearm from discharging bullets. Though considered not totally effective unlike gun safes, these simple devices can help reduce the risk of careless gun use. Check out this list of three common types of locks.

  • Trigger Lock – this hinders the trigger from moving. Trigger locks are built into the body of a gun. Basically, this has two parts attachable at both sides of the gun and can be released with the use of key or a numbered combination. Some locks do not go right down the barrel but covers than whole area of the trigger guard.
  • Cable locks – several kinds of cable gun locks exist in the market today. These are commonly used in pistols.  The cable passes through the barrel and encircles around the gun and goes back to the other side and locks it disabling the gun and making it completely inoperable. Simply unlock it using a key and slide it off the barrel. Some designs prevent loading of the magazine.
  • Biometric Locks – the biometric gun locks are high technology locks that went along with aimpoint pro and surveillance telescopes commonly used during surveillance operations. These locks have fingerprint recognition technology that allows the gun trigger to be moved. This is designed to be used by an authorized gun user only. Just pick and hold the gun as you would normally do, the sensor will read your fingerprint and it’s ready. When you let go of it, the gun locks again.


Barska Biometric Gun Locks

As a gun owner, you are responsible in securing your firearms and teaching your children about its hazards. Always do not assume that kids are not capable of pulling the trigger. Sometimes, out of curiosity, a toddler may push the trigger with his thumb and in worst case the barrel might be pointing directly at his face. Practice gun safety at all times even if you don’t have kids at home; a niece or nephew, grandchild or your friend’s kids may come to visit.

Store all guns unloaded and lock them up if you don’t have a safe. Magazines and other ammunition must be stored separately from the gun and should not be visible and accessible to the children. Never leave them lying around the house.

Safety Free Gun Locks

Kids are curious on things which they do not know are forbidden. When your child starts to ask and begins to act out a gun play, address this immediately by answering them honestly and openly in a manner that they can easily understand. Educate them that real guns even though they may look like toys, can hurt and kill people. Lastly, never show them that you are carrying or using a gun. Actions speak louder than words and children learn by merely observing the people around them.

Black Powder Guns and How to Care for Them

Thinking about the history of making ammunition brings back the old way of using black powder guns. Today, this type of firearm is commonly used by hunters and sportsmen in the form of rifles, pistols and handguns. Because they require many accessories and demand highly technical expertise, they are not recommended in police operations and other law enforcement activities.

Three Used Black Powder Guns

The name came from black gun powder which was known to have originated in China during the 9th century. This was the first explosive to be manufactured and because of its burning properties, this was used to fill the cartridge of a gun that expels the bullet when triggered.

Buy A Cheap Black Powder Guns

Types of Black Powder Guns

These guns are prized for their accuracy in an open field operation even in the absence of a visual enhancement device like the aimpoint pro. Some may think that these firearms are outdated, but the way they are fashioned connotes intelligent craftsmanship. Some used black powder guns fetch a considerable amount of price due to antiquity and history. Here are the major types of this gun.


Vintage Black Powder Guns

  • Flintlock Muzzleloader– this gun uses flint to create a spark when triggered. This component is built in the hammer housing. When the spark is created, the black gunpowder is ignited that eventually creates a gas pressure that drives the bullet towards the target.
  • Percussion Cap Muzzleloader – this gun has a small cap attached to the percussion nipple.  When the trigger is released the hammer falls hitting the cap resulting to a spark and combustion. Because the flintlock is prone to missed firings especially in wet weather, the percussion cap was created.
  • Breech- Loading – this modern gun is created in the same manner like modern rifles except that it is designed to ignite a ready-made paper cartridge filled with black gun powder. This type reduces time of reloading and does not need any repositioning.


These powder guns are reminiscent to the old west, frontier days and owning one demands special care and attention. This kind of vintage guns are prone to rust and corrosion so it is very important that they are stored in a temperature regulated safe. Choose from a number of black powder guns kits to help you in cleaning them since this requires a lot of time and extra effort.

Classic Black Powder Guns Kits

Maintaining Your Black Powder Guns

So how are you going to clean your gun? May it be inexpensive or cheap black powder guns; the treatment is still the same. Consider these steps to help you on this process.

  • Remove the barrel, breech plug and primer nipple. If the gun is rusty, remove the stock and trigger as well.
  • Clean the breech plug and the nipple. Use a needle to remove the dirt. You can also soak a piece of oiled cloth to clean the orifice.
  • Apply a solvent to the barrel and let it sit for a few minutes. Remember to follow the instructions on the label of the solvent.
  • Run cloth patches through the barrel numerous times until they come out clean.
  • Use a copper or brass brush to remove any rust, lint or carbon build up. This can also be done before applying the solvent.
  • Lightly coat the barrel with a lubricant using another clean patch of cloth.
  • Step 7:  Reassemble the parts in the reverse order they were disassembled. Wipe the metal with gun oil.

Now you are ready to use the gun for your hunting trips. Don’t forget to follow the gun safety handling rules.

Gun Vise at Your Service

Why is it important to have a gun vise? Gun manufacturers, collectors and artisans use this device for various reasons. In a commercial point of view, this serves as a tool to assemble gun parts. Collectors use this as a stand for cleaning and positioning the gun so that they can add or modify it. For target shooters, this serves as an installation tool for gun accessories like the Aimpoint pro.

Where To Buy Wooden Gun Vise

A number of simple and high technology vises are available in the market nowadays. Majority of them can function in a number of ways depending upon the need. A good example is the Tipton gun vise that can serve a variety of needs such as repairs, maintenance and cleaning of firearms. This is easily adjusted to handle different types of rifles and shotguns.

One good thing with a gun vise is that it can be made at home and you will no longer shell out money by buying a factory manufactured piece. How to make a homemade gun vise? These simple steps will help you how to do it.

San Angelo Gun Vise

Steps In Making Wooden Gun Vise

  • Take a 2” x 8” x 12” board and measure three inches from each end. This board serves as the back of the vise. Make necessary pencil marks on the measured area.
  • Measure and cut a 1” x 8” x 13” hardwood for the front jaw. Use a 3/8” bit to drill the board. The hole placement should match when the boards are placed horizontally on top of each other.
  • Measure three inches from each end of a 2” x 4” x 12” board and mark them. Drill a hole using ¼” drill bit to make a base board.
  • Fasten the base and the back jaw of the vise by using a screw. The screw should pass through the front of the back jaw into the base. Evenly space the screws at 6” intervals.
  • Place the base on a mounting surface and it should fully hang off the edge. Use a 1/4” wrench to attach the base to the mounting surface by using ¼” bolts. 
  • Take a 3/8” fender washer and slide in onto each of the 3/8” x 8” carriage bolts. Then slide the carriage bolts through the back holes of the vise. Insert the front jaw into the carriage bolts.
  • Take the remaining fender washers and slide them onto each of the carriage bolts. Attach 3/8” nuts into the end of carriage bolt. Tighten or loosen the vise using a 3/8” when needed.


DIY Homemade Gun Vise

Additional Tips

If this do-it-yourself method is quite time consuming, you can always visit a carpenter to have a wooden vise made for you. These people are experts when it comes to woodwork and they can take the exact measurement based on your preference and can customize it depending upon your specifications.

If you wish to have a multi- functional gun vise then you can always contact a gun shop, dealer or check the web. A versatile vise is manufactured with a selection of adjustments, tilts and clamps. They have inserts to hold a handgun or rifle securely.

Authentic Tipton Gun Vise

When it comes to choosing a certain vise, make sure that it has ample compartments that can hold bottles of solvents, sprays and lubricants. It should also have something to hold the disassembled parts of a gun.  Most importantly, it should have a sturdy handle in case you need to carry your implements to another place. Always remember to consider convenience, functionality and price before deciding which one to buy.

Things You Need to Know About Gun Storage

As gun owners and collectors it is compulsory to keep your firearms, pistols and ammunition in certain gun storage. This facility keeps thieves away, protects your firearms from corrosion and safeguards your loved ones from accidental shooting incidents. It is also a good place to store your firing accessories, some magazines, holsters and other sighting devices like the Aimpoint pro.

Gun Storage Mono Vault 30inch

A number of fabricated gun storage units are found in the market today. Some opt to have their storage custom made from selected materials, measured and designed based on their personal specifications. But if you wish to go directly to a store then these types of storage will give you some insight on what to choose.

Types of Gun Storage

  • Cabinets and Safes – This type is good for gun collectors and law enforcers who own a number of guns, accessories and magazines that must have a safe place to keep. Different sizes of gun storage cabinets come in a number of compartments. Some are constructed from simple materials while others are made of complex vaults and mechanisms.

  • Cases and Boxes – These always come handy especially when travelling. Some states in America require guns to be placed in cases during transit. Gun cases and boxes have locks in numbered combination or fingerprint recognition in some high technology types. These are generally made of sturdy materials with lots of compartment for storing accessories and shooting implements. Some small cases are also built inmobile patrols serving as vehicle gun storage.

Tote Vehicle Gun Storage

  • Concealed Storage – This type comes in the form of either safes or cases. For gun safes, hidden gun storage comes in. With the increasing need of having guns inaccessible to children and away from burglars, a discreet way of addressing this is by utilizing an extra space that can be secretly made into a firearm compartment. Some unique items also are fabricated for concealment, such as messenger bags, purses and briefcases.

Vintage Hidden Gun Storage

Wise Buying Tips

It is sometimes difficult to find a perfect storage for guns. Though actual shops and online stores exist, it is best to shop with a determined budget. This will help you focus on the right item to procure and select the type that works based on your lifestyle and on the variety of firearms you possess. You do not need to damage your bank account for the sake of something grand.

If you are an ordinary citizen who thinks you simply need to have a gun for personal protection then opt for a concealed form. If you are a target shooter or a sports hunter, think of something that will last for years since as time goes by, your hobby will demand that you need to buy more kinds of shotguns and rifles, accessories, ammunition and cleaning tools. If you are a law enforcer, think of buying a storage that is equipped with numerous compartments with built–in humidifiers for your government issued firearms to ensure precision shooting and longevity of service.

Moreover, think like shopping for cars. A number of brands, styles and designs are offered for you to choose from.  Consider durability, reliability, locking mechanism, warranty, color and finish. Consider if the cost makes sense when it comes to lifetime value. A storage that will work for you today will no longer be usable in the few years to come.

Quality Gun Storage Cabinets

Final Words

Think of the importance of gun storage once you start to acquire personal handguns or if you choose to collect them. You do not only make a safe place for these weapons but also keep them away from the wrong hands who do not know how use them properly.