Facts About Getting A Gun Permit

Anyone at a legal age who wishes to own and carry handguns should have a valid gun permit in their possession. This pertains to a government issued license that allows a person to buy, own and use guns. It covers a number of restrictions, requirements, background checking and accomplishment of firearm safety course.

Concealed Weapon Permit Badge

Such permit varies depending on the type of firearms and the kind of activity where these are intended to be used. Hunters are licensed to carry rifles only for hunting and game purposes, others who believe it is necessary to own guns for self- defense and protection are issued with concealed gun permit. This only allows carrying guns in their cases and bags especially during transit. Some people are required to declare all accessories that come with their firearms such as the aimpoint pro or infrared telescopes before being allowed to get a permit.

Where To Find Gun Permit Application

What are the Requirements? 

They vary depending upon the state or country. These are the common gun permit requirements;

  • A completed handgun safety course certified by the Department of Safety
  • Papers related to citizenship or permanent residency
  • Valid identification cards
  • Drug and psychological tests
  • A filed out gun permit application form


About Concealed Gun Permit

What are the Common Restrictions in Carrying Handguns?

The license to carry such weapons also has restrictions. Here is the list where firearms are not allowed to be carried;

  • Carrying handguns during judicial proceedings
  • Firearms are not allowed in schools and universities
  • Handguns are not allowed in recreational areas like playgrounds, parks, civic centers and other public recreational grounds
  • Possession of handguns while under the influence of alcohol and prohibited or illegal drugs
  • Firearms are not allowed in wildlife reserves, animal sanctuaries, natural parks, local refuges and tribal lands
  • Handguns are also prohibited in airports, military institutions and any buildings prohibited by the law


Who are Those Who Cannot Legally Possess Firearms?

As mentioned earlier, there are restrictions in carrying firearms. Here are important restrictions based on certain situations and circumstances;

  • Those who are convicted by court of a crime punishable by imprisonment
  • A fugitive from justice
  • User of any prohibited or controlled substance
  • Those who are mentally defective or those who were admitted in a mental institution
  • Those who were discharged from Armed Forces due to dishonorable conduct
  • A person who has no valid residency, an alien in a certain country or those who renounced their citizenship
  • With court order to restrain someone from possessing a handgun due to harassment or stalking or threatening an intimate partner or children
  • Those convicted with domestic violence or any form of misdemeanor

During the process of applying for a gun permit, be prepared to pay local and state fees and inquire on what type of payment is accepted. The application can be done through online or by personally visiting the local law enforcement agency. The process can take up to 12 – 14 weeks especially that there is an increasing number of lifetime permit applications.

Threatening gesture - Revealing a handgun

The gun permit usually arrives through mailbox so you need to check it frequently. A letter is sent to you in case your application is disapproved. Once you have the card, sign it and have it laminated. Most importantly, study the local law and educate yourself and your loved ones about gun safety.

Research predicts that America shall issue laws which allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. The objective of this is to produce a steady decrease in violent crime. The logic behind this is that the criminals avert people who carry handguns for protection and self- defense. As more civilians are armed, the risk to crime related incidents decreases.