The Best Rifle Optics You Definitely Must Have

Like any other optics, rifle optics is available in different varieties. What you need will depend on the kind of shooting that you are into. And when it comes to the most reliable one, Aimpoint Pro is the top brand. These are designed by a group of distinguished professionals. Aimpoint has many features that help a shooter perform even with the most difficult situations. The most common scope is the 3x-9x, a one inch tube with object lenses of different sizes and some come with an adjustable objective.

Rifle optics is made simplified. They are very easy to use as far as making a price shot placement is concerned.

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Parts of a Rifle Scope

  • Eye Bell

This is the dial on the end of the scope

  • Ocular Lens

It is the lens you look into to be able to see the images magnified by the scope.

  • Eye Piece

It is the part that surrounds the ocular lens.

  • Power Ring

This is an adjustable piece that allows changing of magnification setting on the scope.

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  • Tube

The scope’s main body is the tube. It protects the inner parts of the scope while the inner tube houses the lenses. You need to know its diameter to be able to use the correct mounting rings whenever you attach the scope to your rifle.

  • Elevation and Windage Adjustment

This can be turned to make up for inaccuracies. The elevation is located on the scopes top and affects the point of impact of the bullet vertically. The windage is usually located at the scope’s right side and tweaks the horizontal settings on a scope.

  • Objective bell

What houses the objective lens is the objective bell.

  • Adjustable objectives

Found on many high powered rifle scopes, it is a dial around the objective bell or end of the scope.

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  • Objective lens

It is located at the barrel end of the rifle. It transmits light back to the ocular lens.

 Buying Tips on Rifle Optics

  • Magnification

It varies from scope to scope. If the magnification is set at the lowest, an object will appear to be three times the size as viewed by the naked eye. When it is set to maximum, the image would appear nine times the size as viewed by the naked eye. Choose your scope depending on the terrain that you hunt.

  • Lens diameter

If you want to scan larger areas, choose a diameter with larger lens. The diameter also affects how much light enters into an optic device making a big difference in the image quality. So choose the one that creates a quality view.

  • Weight

You would definitely want a scope that does not weigh down a rifle. It is usually best to choose the lighter one.

  • Price

Always consider the quality even though you are trying to find cheaper deals. You may check for other reviews about other products that sell them for less.

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And because aiming with a scope at targets from afar, it has been one of the favorites of assault rifle users. Your assault rifle deserves the best assault rifle optics.  Your hunting activity will have a marked improvement in terms of precision and accuracy with rifle scopes.


Some rifle optics may be hard on the pocket, and some may come cheaper. But you would definitely be at best when you settle with the best rifle optics. Keep in mind that the optics you use may make or break your hunting experience. So to be able to get the best hunting experience, go for the best that you can afford. Whether you buy tactical rifle optics or other accessories for your guns, only settle for what you can trust and that will perform well wherever and whenever you need it.