Choosing the Best Handgun Sights

It doesn’t matter how great the handgun you own is, attaching handgun sights other than the front & rare sights on the gun’s top rail can offer you extra accuracy and easier aiming. There are various styles of sights obtainable and the selection you make will depend on your preferred design and the shooting type that you will be doing. At times it will require you to compromise what you want in sights for what you really need; therefore regardless of the manufacturers, whether your choice are truglo handgun sights or something else, it is of great importance that you understand what options you have.

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Laser handgun sights

Laser handgun sights use batteries. The life of the battery usually depends on the purchased model and whether the green or red laser is being used. The battery life’s length can vary from 4 to 48 hours. It is always recommended to keep extra batteries with you just in case. During the dark, the majority of lasers can be spotted up to several hundred-yards. In bright sunlight, it is difficult to see the lasers after 15 to 20 feet. There is also a possibility that you will be doing the shooting in the rain or under extreme humid conditions; therefore it is important that you get a waterproof laser sight.

The Purpose of Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

Two options are available for you to choose from, that is the Front laser sited and rear laser sights:

Front Laser Sights

This laser handgun-sights slide against the rail beneath and the laser is normally always green or red. As it is the case with the majority of scopes or sights, you must first ensure that the laser sight is sighted-in assuming that the laser sight you have purchased is adjustable. Most of the models have tiny elevation and windage screws for allowing the laser to be moved as it is required so as to ensure that the target is being hit.

Rear laser sights

Unlike the front laser sights, these mount onto the handgun’s top rear. There are benefits of having a laser on top. For example, with front laser sights, the hand gun can’t fit into the holster; or it may require you to replace the handgun’s railing or its internal stock parts so that the front-laser can fit. The rear laser sights are normally made for particularly one or two definite handgun models; hence it is important to ensure that the rear laser sight you buy is the one recommended for use on the handgun you own.

Laser sights are very beneficial in low-light and night shooting. The ease of just aiming a laser dot as opposed to lining up front and rear sights can increase both your accuracy as well as the shooting speed. They are also preferred by many for their self defense handguns due to their ease of aiming the dot on the target in comparison to aiming upfront and rear sights.

Holographic Sights

These are mounted on the handguns’ top. They work by projecting a holographic image. They have got reticles; the aiming-dot being the most popular one. One advantage of this type of handgun-sights is that the image which is projected can only be seen by the shooter. They are accurate, durable and can holdup well under harsh conditions. Holographic sights also run on batteries and the battery life will be determined by their (battery) model and type. These sights do not run-down batteries at the same fast pace as laser sights do.

Reflex Sights

The majority of the “red-dot” type of handgun sights falls in this category. They function by projecting a reticle forward from a point which is behind the objective lens, and then reflecting it off the objective-lens-assembly’s back toward the eye of the shooter. There are two general configurations of reflex sights:

i. Head-up type. These have only one lens assembly and the reticle-source-point will be below and behind the lens.

ii. The second configuration is the one which looks more like a scope; as it has got a tubular body with a lens element at each of its ends. Some of the tube-type reflex sights models include aimpoint pro, Leupold, Bushnell, and so many others.

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Fiber optic handgun sights

Fiber optic handgun sights are another type of handgun sights which includes two categories, namely: the red dot and the Telescopic sights. According to users’ reviews, it pays off pretty well to obtain a high quality Fiber optic sight than getting a cheap one with intentions of saving some little money.

  • Red dot sights

These are powered by a battery so as to project a red dot at the aimed-at point centered within the optical tube, where the conventional telescopic sight’s cross hairs would appear

  • Telescopic sights

The design of these handgun-sights enables the shooters to see distant targets very clearly and precisely aim at them. A telescope is used in the magnification of distant targets.

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Models of handgun-sights can be obtained on the market; however what the most important factor you need too consider is the comfort you get with a particular sight. Go ahead and make the best out of your shooting exercise by choosing the right handgun sight.


Improving your Aim Through A Reflex Sight

A reflex sight is becoming a very important device in activities that involve taking aim at an object. Although the accessory is not so new in the market, its popularity has been growing in the last decade. The sight which is also known as a reflector sight is a visual device that gives the user a better aim at an object. The device projects a reticle image that makes a target standout from the rest. When an object is viewed using the reflector sight, it will appear encircled or illuminated more than its background.

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How Reflector Sights Work

The sight works through the principal of optics. An object viewed from the focal point of a curved mirror or lens will appear as if it is right in front of the viewer. Objects outside the focal point will not be as clear. By employing the reflector principle, a user is able to see both the illuminated object which is the target as well as field of view. This is made possible by use of a glass plate which bounces back the image generated by the lens. The reticule always remains constant to the object regardless of the eye position of the viewer.

Sightmark “Sure Shot” Reflex

Types of Reflex Sights

There are many types of reflector sights. The classification will vary according to light source, use, brand names, as well as design. Common classifications are as follows:

  • Open Sights: – These are also known as mini reflector sights. They operate on a single reflective surface hence are also light in weight. Unfortunately, they do not come with additional accessories such as filters.
  • Full tube sights: – This appears similar to a normal telescope. It also comes with an optic lens/glass. It may also feature filters to minimize haze.
  • Small tube sights: – this sight comes with more features such as filters, and adjustments for sunshade.
  • Battery powered: – This uses battery power for illumination
  • Fiber optic device use fiber optic technology to illuminate the reticle.
  • Night vision sights are able to work in broad daylight as well as in the night.

Other variations in the type of sight will include the color of the reticle although amber and red is the most common color. Some devices use triangular pattern instead of the usual circular pattern. Notable brands include aimpoint pro and also sightmark reflex sight.


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Using Reflector Sights

Reflector sights such as a pistol reflex sight are used in different situations in day to day activities. The device is mounted on pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, and much more. The situations will vary from target practice, sporting events, as well as law enforcement. The users include private citizens, law enforcers, as well as military personnel. The most common use of the device in sporting is in games such as air soft, IPSC, animal hunting, digital cameras, paintball, and many other target sports. The sights can be placed at almost any angle without causing any distortion. The distance from the eye to the device will also have minimal effects on the image.

Advantages of the Sight

Reflector sights come with many advantages. However, the advantages will also vary according to the manufacturer. Benefits derived from using a reflex sight are as follows:

  • Clear images: -Some sights come with the option of changing filters for polarizing, sunshade, as well as haze. This gives the user more clarity.
  • Efficiency:-Unlike iron sights or telescope, a user can as well use both eyes and still be able to aim as well as shoot quickly.
  • Effective:-Reflector sights offer a wider angle of view.
  • User-friendly: Light sources do not affect the sights; consequently the accessory can be used in poorly lit or dark areas.
  • The sight does not suffer from sighting errors such as parallax which are found in other sighting devices. This is because the reticle is always at infinity and stays aligned to the device on which the sight is affixed.


Sightmark Ultra Shot Zombie Series Reflex Sight

It is important to note that a reflector sight is quite different from a red dot eye, or laser light. The red dot or laser emits a line or dot on the target, but a reflector sight illuminates the target. The device will not only make it easy to view distance objects and take aim, but also adds fun to any target sport. Many types of sights have been developed, with each variety coming with its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to source for the reflex sight from well-known stockiest such as This firm is known to deal with high quality and reliable gadgets.

Laser Lights

The laser sights; is a beam of the visible laser light emitted by a laser gadget that is normally mounted in parallel to the gun barrel; allowing for a gunman to precisely shoot his target. The gadget works by emitting a visible beam of laser light, normally red in color; and parallel to the gun barrel; appearing as a small red spot on the target point. The illuminated spot is the point where the bullet hits target when the firearm gets fired.

Red Laser Sights For Handguns

Moreover, laser sights; have a couple of advantages to a gun user of which include:

  • The axis beam of the laser light cannot be bend by gravity since laser beams have low divergence characteristics in nature, hence, allowing for a gun user to be accurate with his shots.
  • The beam of light emitted helps to enhance the accuracy of a gun user in pointing his target objects with his gun.

However, the laser sights; have some disadvantages too to a gun man. They include:

  • The laser spot is extremely difficult to locate during sunny days. It is mostly suited for night conditions.
  • The beams are quite a disadvantage in combat wars since an enemy can easily locate where the gunman is standing and might shoot him instead.

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The Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint pro is also known as the patrol rifle optic; normally used with all types of night vision devices. They are usually mounted on sub-machineguns and shotguns in order to improve the shooting accuracy of a policeman. They are normally used in conditions where the sight performance is quite a challenge to the law enforcers. They are designed to have recessed lenses in order to minimize the damage that might occur to the device in the law enforcement process like the scratching of the device. Flip covers are also provided to further protect the lenses. Some of the advantages of the device are:

-Always on and ready for the relevant tasks it is designed for. The device can operate using a single battery for up to 3 years!
-The device has an enhanced speed of location of a target object compared to the magnified scopes.
-They can be mounted on sub-machineguns, shotguns and the M16 types of guns for use in the battle fields.

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Laser Sights for Pistols,

Laser sights for pistols are a type of a laser beam of light that is emitted by the laser gadget device mounted on a pistol. They are usually smaller in design compared to those mounted on M16 type of firearms. The laser light from the laser device mounted on a pistol allows for the gunman to precisely shoot his target using the pistol. Some of their advantages include:

  • Significantly improves the average shots of the pistol to the target object.
  • The laser light emitted by the laser device mounted on the pistol helps a person to focus more on his target object rather than the area around them.
  • It is quite accurate and hence a person will tend to use lesser rounds of ammunition during training.

However, its major disadvantage is that the pistols that come mounted with the laser device usually tend to cost more than the normal pistols.

Pistol Laser Sights

They are the type of pistols that emit their own laser lights hence improving the shooting accuracy of the gun user. They do not require to be mounted with a laser gadget device since they come with their own laser device that is in built to the pistol. Some of their advantages include:

  • They improve the shooting accuracy of a gun user.
  • They are more comfortable to use since they do not require the mounting of the laser emitting device.
  • They are more accurate to shoot than the pistols that are mounted with the laser emitting device.

However, their major disadvantage is that they are more expensive than the laser mounted pistols.

Universal Pistol Laser Sights
Laser Sights for Handguns

It the laser beam of light emitted by the laser gadget device mounted on handguns. They allow for the handgun user to precisely shoot their target object on a particular point. Some of the advantages of these types of handguns include:

  • Significantly improves the accuracy of the handgun user in shooting his target object.
  • The laser beam of light helps the handgun user to quickly and accurately point his handgun on an exact point of his target object and shoot it repetitively exactly on the same point.

However, this type of a handgun is too expensive to purchase compared the other types of handguns of which are not equipped with the laser emitting devices.

About Gun Sights

Gun sights are the device which helps the gun to aim a specific target. You will be able to fix your target with your eyes with the help of this device. A s+et of markers help to mark the object by aligning with the object. Optical devices can also help in doing this. By aligning with the aiming point, an optical device can also focus the target. Reflector sights and telescopic sights can also be included in the optical devices.

Green Laser Gun Sights

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (AIMPRO)

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is known as Aimpoint PRO in short. This is used in the challenging conditions where you need to focus on the target from a long distance. This device has been developed by taking the opinion of a group of professionals. You will be able to increase the performance of the sights to a maximum point by using the features of it. Zeroing your sights is possible by using this device. There are two methods for doing this. You will be able to have a guide with this from which you will be able to know about the two methods which are using a standard shooting target and using aimpoint zeroing target. The guide provided with the device will help you in learning both. Night vision devices will help you to focus on the target in the night. So this is helpful for any professionals.

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

Laser Laser Gun Sights

gun sights are very efficient gun sights which will help you to aim your target easily. This is very helpful for personal safety. It will help you in focusing on your target properly which will help you if you want to shoot effectively. So the output of this product is good. It will increase your shooting accuracy within few times by proper training. Training for a long time can fail sometimes, but it will not disappoint you. This device includes advanced technology at the time of shooting and so the performance is better than any other devices. If you want to be a good shooter, then this one is for you.

Fiber Optic Gun Sights

Fiber optic gun sights work by entering the light from one side to the other side of the rods. It contains ruby lasers. It works by making the surface bright. This is designed for daytime use and night time sight is enhanced by using tritium. Tritium helps to produce a dim glow. It can be seen in very low light and so this is helpful. This is a radioactive compound which is unstable. This device is very cheap and so people, who have a low budget, can try this.


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Lyman Gun Sghts

Lyman gun sights were invented by William Lyman in late 1800’s. But the technology was developed in many times and now it is in the present condition. You need to move the rear sight to the left side if you want to move the bullet impact to left and to right if you want to move this to the right. You will have the facility of click adjustments on the receiver sights. This will take only a quarter of a minute. There are also many features of this device which will help you in targeting your object. They use the same techniques as before. So the speed of aiming is also like the previous one. They are developing their product using the same features and techniques.

Vintage Lyman Gun Sights

There are different devices for adjusting your target while shooting. Different sight will help your shooting to be smooth. You will be able to use your gun more professionally. You can also use them for

  • Focusing on your target
  • Increasing your personal safety
  • For professional use


So you need to know about the different sights at first. Then you will be able to choose one of them depending on your requirement and also the features of the sights. You can also see the price of them. By doing this, you will be able to choose any one for your own safety or any other use. Most of time, the sights are used by the military or professionals. Fixing target properly is a great challenge for them while facing an enemy. So they try different sights. If you are worried about your safety or facing any threat, then you also need to have such a device with you. This will help you to be safe from your enemy. You will be able to face any kind of danger. No matter what the reason for using a gun. Gun sights will improve your shooting performance in any kind of environment.

Shotgun Sights: Where to find them?

A ‘sight’ in terms of devices, is used to provide assistance to different kind of Aiming weapons, surveying instrument or any other instrument which involves the human Eye. Sights are simple system or simple set of Pointers or markers that are aligned together with themselves as well as with the target.

Large Tactical Shotgun Sights

This is done by doing the alignment of near end and far end of the device in same line with the target.

  • There is the availability of Optical Sights for the advanced users, so that they can have the vision of aligned aiming marker with the same focus as of the target.
  • These optical devices include Reflector and Telescopic sights. With some more advanced devices, like Laser Sights, the user can see the projection of aiming point right on the target.

The weapon technology has been involved in developing more and more advanced devices over the years. Sights, today, are available almost for all shooting weapons. Whether it’s a Hunting rifle, sport shooting rifles and handguns, law enforcement guns or heavy military guns and rifles, depending the prices and the range of shooting. This device is available for all segments of Arms.

Shotgun Sights

Once again depending upon the prices, various Sights are available which re particularly meant for shotguns. Whether it’s a combat shot gun or a general shotgun, this gun is meant for short range shooting, the scopes will never be a good option for this segment of guns. One can get a better aim on target by spending just a few dollars. The price range starts from just a few dollars and can vary up to a few hundred dollars, again depending on the quality and the brand.

 The Perfect Truglo Shotgun Sights For You

Truglo Shotgun Sights

One of the better Arms accessories manufacturing company is Truglo. It offers various phenomenal accessories including sights for different arms. Truglo shotgun sights products are popular among many professional shooters all around the world.

  • For shotguns, it manufactures good quality and reliable yet cheap sights. The range starts from under $10 dollars and goes up to hundreds of dollars.
  • For shotguns, it offers sights for both front barrel and the real barrel.
    • They fit on the shotgun barrel very perfectly.
    • They are available in many designs and colours.
    • Both fiber optic shotgun sights and general sights are available.

This brand owns some very popular sights like Truglo Starbrite Deluxe Fibre-Optic Shotgun Sight and Truglo Fat Bead Fibre-Optic Shotgun Sight Green 2.6mm TG948CG. But if you are willing to go for higher price range with a better quality, Sights like Mossberg 835 26 Inch Barrel Ported Foring Cone Lenghtened and Tru Glo Sights are also available. These products are available at huge online marketing websites like Ebay and Amazon and come with various attractive discount offers. For more details you can visit Truglos website.

Tactical Shotgun sights:

These sights are little bit more advanced than the basic sights. And therefore they are available in a little higher price range. But, the functionality and comfort they provide while shooting is worth the price. They are generally meant for higher range of shooting. They come with fibre optic functionality which enables the shooter to get more accurate within seconds of time during long range shots. These sights are available with some additional accessories like flash lights. The fibre optic technology adjusts the focus of the pointer with the focus of the target, due to which the shooter can re aim the target much faster than in the case of general basic sights.

Neon Green Fiber Optic Shotgun Sights

Aimpoint Pro

If you are looking to take some long range shots in a competition, you must have proper aiming equipment along with good shooting skills. To find such equipment, the perfect Aimpoint pro is the right destination. The good thing is this brand manufactures different and specific gun scopes and sights depending on different guns, range, barrels, shooting conditions and range and of course the shooting event. Many military and shooting academy use the products manufactured by Aimpoint.

Solider Using Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint, also manufactures the scopes and sights especially for dark shooting conditions like the night hours. They include Night Vision technology in their scopes so that one may take proper shot even if the target is invisible to naked eyes. They even manufacture advanced fibre optics lenses for short range small handguns and pistols. They are almost everywhere when the weapon accessories are concerned. One can visit their official homepage, for more detailed information on the availability and usage of wide range of products.

EO Tech Holographic Sights

EOTech offers more than twelve models of holographic sights. It offers several variations on all of them and hence, most people can find their preferred one with a lot of ease. You should also consider it if you want a sight with a red dot for your weapon. This market has many lower end competitors. However, the popular aimpoint pro and EOTech are the only ones that have the quality that people who are serious about using their weapons would want. Although EOTech and Aimpoint have their individual merits, you should consider the line of optics that EOTech has because it is superior.

Accurate Eotech Holographic Sights

Probably, the unique ability to aim quickly is the most distinct quality that makes holographic sights different from many other lesser sights. It is both beneficial and necessary for many applications to have the ability to acquire the target. People who are in the military, police officers, and hunters have all reaped maximum benefits from the EOTech because of its ability to do so.

Red Dot Holographic Sights

Characteristics that allow people to aim fast with this optic

  • The reticule design – Although other options are available from some models, the usual reticle arrangement boasts of a 65 minute of angel (MOA) circle that has a much smaller MOA dot at its center. The larger circle allows the shooter to acquire targets very fast because it is very visible. The small dot still lets the shooter to aim precisely at targets that are more distant.
  • The sight window size- The EOTech uses a sight picture that is wide, which the protective housing limits only minimally.


Most people can find a holographic sight that suits them because there are approximately ar 15 holographic sights and several variations of all of them. The differences between the types of batteries that are used are the ones that distinguish the design. Most optics that belong to the 510 series like the popular 516 usually utilize AA batteries. Subsequently, they are the longest among the designs. 550 series models, which include the 556, on the other hand allow the optic to be much shorter because they use a CR123 battery that has much smaller lithium.

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The benefits of holographic sights

The holographic technology enhances the accuracy with which a shooter aims at the target as well as the field of vision of the target and in effect, it enables the shooter to achieve a clearer perception that he/she can consider more effective than conventional weapon sights. These conventional sights are prone to constricted viewing, tunneling, and blind spots because they use the tube principal. The mechanism of Heads Up Display ensures that the sports lover has a complete peripheral vision for giving a clear and enhanced zone for engaging.

The housing of holographic sights is built by using high quality resin materials. In addition, in order to ensure that they do not interfere with the shooting vision, all the controls that users use are flush mounted. All their parts are well designed in order to prevent them from obstructing the sport by sinking into the housing.

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Disadvantages of EOTech

A few users occasionally mention the following potential disadvantages of eotech holographic sights.

  • Although most models have an estimated battery life of a thousand hours, this is still much less by a big margin as compared to most red dot sights that belong to the Aimpoint brand. A thousand hours can go by quicker than you expect for people that have a weapon that is being used on a daily basis even though it sounds like an eternity.
  • Another thing that users usually mention when they compare EOTech with Aimpoint is its propensity to malfunction more often in specific environments or situations. This is very rare and its users only bring it up when they compare it to Aimpoint, which is its only serious competitor in terms of quality. It is however not worth for you to note this especially if you rely on your weapon for everyday use. If you ask 100 people who have sufficient knowledge about this type of optic to choose if they prefer EOTech or Aimpoint, you would most probably get fifty responses for either of them. In 2009, the company started to manufacture cheap holographic sights namely, the XPS series, which are the smallest in its product line.