EO Tech Holographic Sights

EOTech offers more than twelve models of holographic sights. It offers several variations on all of them and hence, most people can find their preferred one with a lot of ease. You should also consider it if you want a sight with a red dot for your weapon. This market has many lower end competitors. However, the popular aimpoint pro and EOTech are the only ones that have the quality that people who are serious about using their weapons would want. Although EOTech and Aimpoint have their individual merits, you should consider the line of optics that EOTech has because it is superior.

Accurate Eotech Holographic Sights

Probably, the unique ability to aim quickly is the most distinct quality that makes holographic sights different from many other lesser sights. It is both beneficial and necessary for many applications to have the ability to acquire the target. People who are in the military, police officers, and hunters have all reaped maximum benefits from the EOTech because of its ability to do so.

Red Dot Holographic Sights

Characteristics that allow people to aim fast with this optic

  • The reticule design – Although other options are available from some models, the usual reticle arrangement boasts of a 65 minute of angel (MOA) circle that has a much smaller MOA dot at its center. The larger circle allows the shooter to acquire targets very fast because it is very visible. The small dot still lets the shooter to aim precisely at targets that are more distant.
  • The sight window size- The EOTech uses a sight picture that is wide, which the protective housing limits only minimally.


Most people can find a holographic sight that suits them because there are approximately ar 15 holographic sights and several variations of all of them. The differences between the types of batteries that are used are the ones that distinguish the design. Most optics that belong to the 510 series like the popular 516 usually utilize AA batteries. Subsequently, they are the longest among the designs. 550 series models, which include the 556, on the other hand allow the optic to be much shorter because they use a CR123 battery that has much smaller lithium.

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The benefits of holographic sights

The holographic technology enhances the accuracy with which a shooter aims at the target as well as the field of vision of the target and in effect, it enables the shooter to achieve a clearer perception that he/she can consider more effective than conventional weapon sights. These conventional sights are prone to constricted viewing, tunneling, and blind spots because they use the tube principal. The mechanism of Heads Up Display ensures that the sports lover has a complete peripheral vision for giving a clear and enhanced zone for engaging.

The housing of holographic sights is built by using high quality resin materials. In addition, in order to ensure that they do not interfere with the shooting vision, all the controls that users use are flush mounted. All their parts are well designed in order to prevent them from obstructing the sport by sinking into the housing.

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Disadvantages of EOTech

A few users occasionally mention the following potential disadvantages of eotech holographic sights.

  • Although most models have an estimated battery life of a thousand hours, this is still much less by a big margin as compared to most red dot sights that belong to the Aimpoint brand. A thousand hours can go by quicker than you expect for people that have a weapon that is being used on a daily basis even though it sounds like an eternity.
  • Another thing that users usually mention when they compare EOTech with Aimpoint is its propensity to malfunction more often in specific environments or situations. This is very rare and its users only bring it up when they compare it to Aimpoint, which is its only serious competitor in terms of quality. It is however not worth for you to note this especially if you rely on your weapon for everyday use. If you ask 100 people who have sufficient knowledge about this type of optic to choose if they prefer EOTech or Aimpoint, you would most probably get fifty responses for either of them. In 2009, the company started to manufacture cheap holographic sights namely, the XPS series, which are the smallest in its product line.