Everything You Need to Know About Stun Guns

There are many ways how to incapacitate a person without the use of deadly weapons and without causing permanent physical damages. One good example is the use of a stun gun. This form of non- lethal weaponry is constantly featured in movies and television series.

Cool Police Stun Gun

Brief History

The device was invented in the 1960s by Jack Cover. He worked for NASA as one of the aerospace scientists for the Apollo moon-landing project. Cover came upon a newspaper story about a man who was not killed but was just temporarily paralyzed when he touched a fallen electrical power line. Such incident became his inspiration to create a non- deadly weapon that is capable of discharging bursts of intense but short lived electricity.

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How It Works

How does a stun gun work? Basically, this device can eject three milliamps of electricity that is safe enough to pass through a body but not to totally electrocute the person. It generates confusing stimulito the nervous system making the person disoriented and paralyzed. Take a look at these reactions:

  • The charge envelopes with the person’s electrical signals flowing through the nerves going to the brain. The signal is mixed resulting to random noises, inability to move the muscles, confusion and imbalance. It’s what you call partial paralysis and not temporary given the amount of charge that passed through the system.
  • The electricity transmitted copies the body’s electrical signals but instead of making it do a particular movement, it depletes the body’s energy disrupting locomotion leaving the person weak or unable to move.
  • Using this device means aiming it to any muscle or nerve part of the person, thus you can eject the charge to virtually any part of the body even with heavy clothing.
  • This device is widely used among law enforcers such as the police stun gun, among soldiers such as the stun gun flashlight with Aimpoint pro to aim at the target accurately, among ordinary citizens in the form of a cell phone stun gun who believe it’s best to be protectedagainst criminals and attackers.Though these guns may look like toys, they are still considered life- saving devices.

How Stun Guns Work

Factors to Consider in Buying a Stun Gun

So how do you go about in buying this weapon? You may want to take a look at these factors in in selecting the best gun for you.

  • Cost – A number of this gun cost from $15 to $150. Determine first your budget and focus on this for you to be able to find a device that works well for your advantage.
  • Appearance – There are different shapes and sizes available in the stores and in online shops, some come as small as the palm of your hand while others could be as big as large flashlights. They can be disguised as cell phones for concealment.
  • Firing and Effectiveness – These guns are tested to be 85- 90% effective in stopping an attacker especially during close encounters. These are considered contact devices that can incapacitate a person when you are in closer range.

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Final Thoughts

Do you need a license to carry for a stun gun? There some places in the states where these are totally fine and concealment cases are not required. But there are some places that these devices are considered illegal. You can check with the police department in your area if the state you are in prohibits or regulates the use of this weapon.

Remember that you can still be charged if you use a stun gun inappropriately. Like any other weapon, you will be held accountable and can be imprisoned if authorities found out that you caused harm to any innocent civilian.