Black Powder Guns and How to Care for Them

Thinking about the history of making ammunition brings back the old way of using black powder guns. Today, this type of firearm is commonly used by hunters and sportsmen in the form of rifles, pistols and handguns. Because they require many accessories and demand highly technical expertise, they are not recommended in police operations and other law enforcement activities.

Three Used Black Powder Guns

The name came from black gun powder which was known to have originated in China during the 9th century. This was the first explosive to be manufactured and because of its burning properties, this was used to fill the cartridge of a gun that expels the bullet when triggered.

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Types of Black Powder Guns

These guns are prized for their accuracy in an open field operation even in the absence of a visual enhancement device like the aimpoint pro. Some may think that these firearms are outdated, but the way they are fashioned connotes intelligent craftsmanship. Some used black powder guns fetch a considerable amount of price due to antiquity and history. Here are the major types of this gun.


Vintage Black Powder Guns

  • Flintlock Muzzleloader– this gun uses flint to create a spark when triggered. This component is built in the hammer housing. When the spark is created, the black gunpowder is ignited that eventually creates a gas pressure that drives the bullet towards the target.
  • Percussion Cap Muzzleloader – this gun has a small cap attached to the percussion nipple.  When the trigger is released the hammer falls hitting the cap resulting to a spark and combustion. Because the flintlock is prone to missed firings especially in wet weather, the percussion cap was created.
  • Breech- Loading – this modern gun is created in the same manner like modern rifles except that it is designed to ignite a ready-made paper cartridge filled with black gun powder. This type reduces time of reloading and does not need any repositioning.


These powder guns are reminiscent to the old west, frontier days and owning one demands special care and attention. This kind of vintage guns are prone to rust and corrosion so it is very important that they are stored in a temperature regulated safe. Choose from a number of black powder guns kits to help you in cleaning them since this requires a lot of time and extra effort.

Classic Black Powder Guns Kits

Maintaining Your Black Powder Guns

So how are you going to clean your gun? May it be inexpensive or cheap black powder guns; the treatment is still the same. Consider these steps to help you on this process.

  • Remove the barrel, breech plug and primer nipple. If the gun is rusty, remove the stock and trigger as well.
  • Clean the breech plug and the nipple. Use a needle to remove the dirt. You can also soak a piece of oiled cloth to clean the orifice.
  • Apply a solvent to the barrel and let it sit for a few minutes. Remember to follow the instructions on the label of the solvent.
  • Run cloth patches through the barrel numerous times until they come out clean.
  • Use a copper or brass brush to remove any rust, lint or carbon build up. This can also be done before applying the solvent.
  • Lightly coat the barrel with a lubricant using another clean patch of cloth.
  • Step 7:  Reassemble the parts in the reverse order they were disassembled. Wipe the metal with gun oil.

Now you are ready to use the gun for your hunting trips. Don’t forget to follow the gun safety handling rules.