Weaver Scopes

Weaver scopes are a necessity to anyone who handles a gun/ rifle. From long range to up close, competition to hunting shooting, these high quality tactical scopes will provide you with the ballistic precision you require. What is more, you can now get them at bargain prices, using the available discounts. Additionally, they come replete with the Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Weaver.


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Clearer Vision and Aim 

All the weaver scopes you will come across feature fully multi- coated lenses, one- piece tube construction, crisp ¼” MOA adjustments and fog- free viewing. This means that you can use them with dependable accuracy. They are also designed ergonomically for extended comfort and easier handling at a small price tag.

Quality Glass for All Situations

On the other hand, those involved in protecting liberty and life, both internally and abroad, can now rely on Weaver. The brand has come up with rugged riflescopes that are designed to provide great dependability during tactical operations. As part and parcel of the Super Slam series, these scopes are manufactured to provide strict tolerances with reliable performance in harsh environments.

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Categories and Types of Weaver Scopes

The large family of scopes is engineered to the stringent standards set by Weaver and loaded with some of the most advanced technical features.

Vintage Weaver scopes

Vintage weaver scopes are great for hunting and other gun uses. They are very reliable, if you know what you are doing with an old gun in the first place, of course. Vintage scopes are particularly useful for those who can do well without the fancier reticles.

Tactical Scopes

Tactical scopes are as rugged as they come. They are designed to adhere to strict tolerances while providing critical performance standards. As the name suggests, tactical scopes such as the Tactical Series riflescopes, should be applied in tactical situations and environments.

Night Vision Weaver Rifle Scope

Buck Commander Series

This series has been designed for the outlandish hunting styles required of Buck Commanders. They offer super- fast focusing powers and improved performances in almost every condition imaginable.

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes provide greater accuracy, especially from a distance. They also offer consistent, rugged performance with the classical reliability and tradition of Weaver.

Dot Sights

Dot Sights have been perfected for easier target acquisition. The illuminated non- magnified sight provides the best conditions for various hunting and shooting adventures. Examples include the Micro Dot sights and the Red/ Green Dot sights.

Handgun Scopes

These Weaver pistol scopes are designed such that they can withstand the sheer power of the modern handgun and pistol. They deliver reliable and rugged accuracy in that savoury compact design. In this range, you may choose any gun from the Classic handgun scopes range.

Laser Rangefinder

The 8 by 28 mm, 1000- yard laser rangefinder from Weaver will give you reliable and accurate performance in the field. It can also range out deer- sized animals to 600 yards, with reflective targets out to 1000 yards.

Muzzleloader/ Shotgun Scopes

Specifically engineered for muzzleloaders and shot gunners, these scopes include a wide variety of reticle choices and magnification ranges for different users. A good example is the 40/ 44 Shotgun/ Muzzleloader scope.

All About Weaver Scopes

Choosing Weaver Scopes

Most people wonder why Weaver rifle scopes are so popular. Well, first you need to consider the rugged reliability of their Micro- Trac system before you even check the other features, such as:

a)     Four- Point Windage and the Elevation Adjustment System

Most riflescopes only use a single spring with the elevation and windage dials for adjustments. However, the Micro- Trac system employees 2 springs working hand in hand with the windage and elevation system. The counter force exerted by these springs provides 4 points of contact, for consistent and even adjustments. Thus, the scopes last longer and are more accurate.

b)     High Precision Features

The Micro- Trac Adjustment System comes with high- precision features, including:

  • Four- point, dual- spring system that provides better performance and precision alignment
  • Specialized bulges machined on the erector tube which creates broader pressure ridges. This keeps contact close to the adjustment screw’s center
  • The contact points align with the bulge to ensure there is no slippage
  • Enhanced 2- spring design to maximize uniformity and force throughout the elevation and windage travel adjustment range
  • The high quality of materials used means that the springs can withstand rough handling and heavy recoil


Finally, Weaver scopes and the quality Aimpoint Pro are designed with input from top professionals. They incorporate many new features with a view to improve the sight performance within the most challenging of conditions. Even vintage scopes fair relatively better compared to lesser known scope brands.

Choosing Nightforce Scopes

For firing or shooting enthusiasts, properly caring for their weapons and finding the right type of scopes, particularly for their rifles play a very significant role. With all the varieties out in the market, there may be a couple of brands that stood out, and this includes Nightforce Scopes and the quality AimPoint Pro. While the battles between different scopes are ongoing, the only things that matter are precision and quality.

All About Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce Rifle Scopes

When it comes to quality, it is beyond reasonable doubt that users have seen the performance and accuracy that they have been looking for for this scope type. Aside from its impressive optics, the said scope has an amazing magnification range that makes it easier for serious shooters to become more precise, regardless of their experience and skill level. It is a perfect scope intended for professional shooters and amateurs at the same time.

Additionally, Nightforce rifle scopes are user friendly and despite its high quality, shooters will never experience difficulties using this scope. Commonly, high magnification range scopes are somehow difficult to use, which makes shooters look for another brand, and surprisingly, Nightforce has this feature which is the reason why it was able to set a great number of world records.

Custom Made Nightforce Scopes Prices
The makers of the said brand never stopped improving their scopes, and its recent model is known to be 13 times better than its predecessors. The features have been improved for long range shooters making it easier for those who are facing moving and long-ranged targets. Its clarity is simply one of a kind, which is one of the thousands of reasons why this brand has been trusted by many. The brand was able to develop a good reputation amongst many, making it the top choice of shooters.
Other significant features may include but not limited to:

  • High lens quality. NightForce uses high quality coatings over the edges of the lens to avoid and reduce distortion problems. This is also done to avoid the hassles that some shooters may experience in terms of reflection.
  • Its optics provides sufficient light to its eyepiece, making the resolution better whilst giving the shooter a better and more precise shot as well.
  • Considering different scenarios, eye elevation adjustment, power ring, ocular lens, eye bell and eye relief are some of its other features. These are considered to be part of the most significant factors to be taken into consideration when buying rifle scopes.


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Nightforce Scopes Prices

Because of the amazing Nightforce scopes reviews published online, many became interested and would like to try this out. Because it is a high-end rifle scope, many believed that it’s worth more expensive than its competitors. While it can be slightly true, nightforce scopes prices can still vary depending on the source or store and model at the same time. Nightforce scopes come in different lines and it is best to determine which specific model to go for before scouting for prices and other related reviews.
There is another option where one can buy used Nightforce scopes online. Auction websites, forums are some of the common places one can go to for second-hand riifle scopes such as NightForce. A word of precaution though: when buying used rifle scopes, bear in mind these things:

  • Determine the reason why a seller is trying to dispose of his old scope; upgrade, need money
  • Consider the condition and the duration that it has been used. Has it been used for weeks, months or years? Ask the seller about its condition as this will help you determine its overall quality.
  • If buying from online stores, auction sites or forums, please make sure of the seller’s feedback and reliability. Some others would require online payment first, followed by the shipping of the item. For first time buyers, find someone within your area and schedule a meet-up to be safer. This way, you can check the scope prior to buying it.

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Additional NightForce Scopes Buying Tips

While everybody is excited to get their hands on these wonderfully reviewed nightforce scopes, it is important to consider your hunting or shooting activities prior to making a purchase. As mentioned above, there are numerous reviews that can be studied before making a purchase, giving buyers the opportunity to get to know the scopes better before spending cash on it. It is important for every buyer to understand all the features and also consider its disadvantages as well. Weigh the positive and negative factors and make a decision not just based on the price and reviews, but based on its overall performance as well.

The Pros of Using Millet Scopes

Millet scopes

Millet scopes are different types of guns that feature the best materials that can be used in craftsmanship. These materials are better compared to rifle scopes even if their prices are compared, it still becomes the best.

Large Millet Scopes

  • If you use the known millet marksman designated rifle scope you will like its performance. It will work in the best way by allowing the shooter using it to hit all the accurate targets from as little as five yards to around five hundred yards from that place.
  • The high value of this rifle scope and its known versatility makes it the favorite taste of the soldiers and hunters using it in the world. Another advantage they have is that they always receive free shipping

Aimpoint pro

The quality aimpoint pro is a very unique tool. This is mostly used by the hunters so that they can hit the animal that they were targeting. It can be made locally or you can choose import or buy one from the dealers selling such goods. The best thing you should do before you buy it is to look at the reviews. These reviews can be found online.

Good Reviews For Millet Scopes

Millet scopes for sale

  • The millet scopes for sale are very easy to find. But at least before you buy a good you should know some information concerning them. In these reviews you will come across the experiences of the people who had used the good before. All the reviews are not positive; you must come across some negative reviews on the internet. Apart from knowing the background when you read these reviews but also you will get to know some knowledge on the product you are yet to buy.
  • These millet scopes are sold at much affordable prices. This means that you can take your time to compare the different prices. After that you can decide on that which suits you most but is sold at a price that you are comfortable with. By this you will not spend much money on purchasing the product but at least you will be sure of saving some to use in other needs you may have.


Buy Cheap Millet Scopes For Sale

Millet scopes review

  • There are very many reasons as to why millet has become a trusted brand. This product is said to be containing number of unique features which makes people to admire it more. These are things you can only get in the millet scopes review .The scopes that are used where are those which have been made with the most powerful magnification. With this powerful magnification they have the user is then able to see things from a further distance.
  • The lens objectives have been made in a special way so that the user can see the images in a better way. Aside from that these scopes contain the mil-do bar. This bar has dots and some thin lines illuminated by red or green and they can be easily adjusted to the required size.
  • These lenses also feature the multicoated optics that are known to produce some crisps, vivid as well as bright images. Another thing which most people admire is its matte black finish. This is simply because of the color used in finishing cannot be easily noticed.
  • The millet scopes are powerful and affordable for everyone. This type of scope can also be referred to as a tough one. The reason is because it can tolerate each and every kind of weather without deteriorating. Another added advantage it will maintain its original quality despite the continuous shocks that will occur around it. When you buy this you will appreciate the value of the money you used on purchasing it.


Millett See-thru Scope Mount Rings

Millet scope rings

  • At most times the millet scope rings will be determined by the size of scope you have. This is because they usually come in different sizes. So you have to get that which will fit and work without falling down in the process of using the gun. Also you must learn how to fix the ring back in place in case it comes out.

Choose a light weight that will not give you difficulty in carrying the gun from place to place. The rings must always be lubricated to keep them moving to perform their task without failure. The lubrication will make it not to get rust. After using the gun you are advised to keep it in a safe place out of children reach.

Tactical Scopes

Tactical scopes offer the most effective and efficient sighting system for a rifle. They are specially designed for long distances and when the target must be kept perfectly centered within the reticule. They therefore enable someone to deliver the bullet with pinpoint accuracy, preventing any harm to unintended targets. Tactical scopes are essential tools that are used by professionals who protect the public. They are extensively used in the hunting, military and by law enforcement officers. With the scope, very large distances are traversed visually while keeping the shooter at a safe distance and well protected behind a barrier. Perfect selection of a target amidst numerous obstacles can be achieved by a tactical scope.

Viper HS Tactical Scope from Vortex

Scopes have robust constructions. The inner tube, which is locked securely with a coil spring positioned within the tactical scope casing, prevents minor movements after the target has being sighted. The coil positioning system makes the scope easy to lock on the target; hence repetitive shots can be made without correcting the scope adjustments. Scope housings are tightly sealed in order to prevent humidity penetration, which would result to fogging between the lenses. In humid conditions where distorting heat waves are created on the horizon, tactical scope can bring a view for accurate shots every time. The casing is firmly mounted with strong hardware for virtually any weapon. The tactical rails give an option to mount another accessory on the scope. These gadgets provide detailed distance estimates. This allows the shooter to adjust the power of the rifle to match the sighted target distance.

Leupold Tactical Scopes

Leupold tactical scopes are heavily used by US military. They are highly regarded for their accuracy and reliability. Leupold tactical optics serves best for long- range targets. They include;


Mark 6 Rifle Scope

They offer State-of-the art tactical features that are unique among other scopes. They have BDC dial feature and both illuminated and BDC reticule are available. They are usually small, light and fast in operation. They have optimum magnification and wit good objective size.


Deltapoint Reflex Sights

They are normally used on shotguns especially when plinking or in competitive shooting. The scope gives an intuitive operation with the precision red dot ease. Their accuracy keeps even the novice shooters right on the mark. The device has an illuminated reticule. This scope is one of the tactical scopes that the best home defense optic, since it can also be used with handguns.

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Tactical Prismatic Riflescope

This scope gives the shooter a quick target acquisition and accuracy of a non-magnifying red dot sight. Its edged glass reticule is visible with or without the removable illumination module. This means that the scope can still function without the batteries. This non- magnifying optic is ideal for close targets and where fast action is required.

Bushnell Tactical Scopes

These scopes have superior performance in low light with variable power versatility. They are normally used for short or medium ranges. The scopes employ laser rangefinder technologies to cumber the most demanding tactical challenges on the planet. They are specially designed for high precision and ruggedness. The scopes are normally used by law enforcement experts, competitive shooters and in military. Bushnell tactical scopes include:

  • Elite Tactical.
  • Legend Ultra HD
  • Trophy XLT

These tactics are fully multi-coated with a fast focus eyepiece. They are filled with dry nitrogen with an excellent rain guard. They are also shock proof with a high degree of light transmission.

 Bushnell Tactical Scopes Elite 4200

Nikon Tactical Scopes

Nikon tactical scopes generally have large and easy to read knobs that are graduated in a quarter minute adjustments. Power settings in this scope are usually adjusted with turning a dial on the ocular piece which is located at a strategic point. This ensures that the eyepiece is not moved while adjusting the power knob. The knobs are easy to grip with serrations on top. The clicks are highly noticeable and one is certain of feeling them even when wearing gloves. These scopes include:

Nikon Monarch Rifle scope

This scope has 30 mm tube made from aircraft grade aluminum and is of a traditional design. Just like others, it is a one piece tube with the knobs sitting up on a rounded and elevated shoulder. Elevation and windage knobs are fairly large with 4 set screws around the top portion. As a result, one is assured of knobs staying in position once set or zeroed. The scope has a good range of eye relief and is conveniently used in high recoiling rifle. Its good amount of elevation lends itself well to high power rifles. However its low magnification prevents it being used on long range rifles.

Nikons Affordable Tactical Scopes

Aimpoint Pro

The reliable aimpoint pro scope is made of a hard-anodized 30 mm tube, which encloses a highly designed circuit. The Patrol Rifle Optic incorporates extremely unique features, which optimize the system’s sight performance. Its long lasting battery is able to keep the sight switched on for a minimum of 3 years. The front lenses have a unique band-pass coating, which allows the scope to be used with all generations of night vision devices. The modular QRP2 mount consists of a spacer that can be removed to enable the use of the sight on police shotguns or sum machine guns. Flip covers are installed to protect the lenses while the red dot is utilized to allow maximum accuracy at all distances.

A Brief Overview Of Amazing Nikon Scopes

When a novice hunter, shooter or an apprentice walks into an arms store to purchase his brand new rifle, he skims through various aisles to spot the best Nikon scopes for his loyal hunting buddy. What most riflemen don’t realize is the quality of riflescope is more important than the quality of rifle itself. Riflescope plays a significant role in firing since it allows the arms men to view the objects located at faraway distances with greater clarity and precision.

Matte Black Nikon Mm Bdc Scope

A shooter may hit the target accurately if he’s using a mediocre gun in combination with a fine-rate scope however, it’ll be tough for him to target objects when he uses a poor quality scope with superior guns. Thus, it’s important for the huntsmen to search for great scopes and needless to say, Nikon scopes offer them the best designs at much affordable rates.

Shopping for Rifle Scopes

If you’re planning to purchase rifle scopes for the first time, it can be an intimidating experience for you. Rifle scopes come in different types and varieties nevertheless, the type of scope used by the riflemen depends on the quality of shooting experience he’s looking forward to. Probably this is why professional vermin hunters, target shooters and casual huntsmen use different types of scope. In case you’re looking for in-depth information regarding a particular riflescope, you can check out Nikon scope reviews on reliable websites, compare different models and find a suitable piece that complements your shooting experience.

Good Reviews For Nikon Scopes
What Makes Nikon Special?

Nikon is a world famous brand that offers a broad selection of scopes. Recently, the brand has come forth in the market with the Monarch line of rifle scopes. Finest field scopes, matchless magnification, waterproof structure, fine quality, excellent construction, interchangeable eyepieces, rugged layout and brilliant optics are prime features of their product line. The company designs eye-catching selections, ranging from classic pro staff rim fire scope to compact entry-level refurbished Nikon scopes and the flagship EDG field scopes.

What’s New?

Gone are the days when all known riflescopes were sold with 7/8″ main tubes. The vintage pieces required special mounts for functioning properly. However the ones that are designed by efficient engineers at Nikon use a 25mm main tube. They’re easily mounted on a standard 1 inch mounting ring. Nearly all Nikon scopes can be mounted on standard rim fire rifles like Weaver and Leupold many more provided the gun is drilled and designed to accept them. The best part is that these riflescopes come with a 3 to 4 inches eye relief and feature fully, partly or multi coated optics.

If you’re looking for cheap Nikon scopes that work beautifully for complicated guns, you can consider EDG fieldscope 85 VR/85-A VR, EDG fieldscope 85/85-A and EDG Fieldscope 65/65-A.

Higher Quality Scopes

There are plenty of products to choose from the MONARCH, Buckmaster, Prostaff, AR, Muzzleloader, Rimfire, Varmint, Coyote, Handgun, Crossbow and shotgun series.

Refurbished Nikoplex Nikon Scopes
Quick Features Of The Top Models

MONARCH Riflescopes

The MONARCH range consists of 22 riflescopes that are furnished with an optimal optical system that offers superlative performances and enhanced versatility with all types of gun.

PROSTAFF Riflescopes

The prostaff series includes 30 classic scopes that are known for great precision, ruggedness and classic optics. It doesn’t matter whether you use rifles or shotguns, their amazing design effectively fits all!

Buckmaster Riflescopes

This series involves 16 riflescopes that combine critical light transmission with sleek and sophisticated construction. They’re suitable for all hunting styles.

AR Riflescopes

They’re the most used Nikon scopes that are specifically designed to work on all AR platform rifles. All 20 scopes included in this series are designed in accordance with spot on ballistics match technology and are said to offer great precision.

Crossbow Scopes

They’re famed for their extended field of view, clarity, brightness, BDC reticle, and quick focus eyepiece.

 Find Cheap Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope

In short, most nikon scopes reviews are favorably impressed by the incredible models designed by the brand. Moderate prices $500 or less, great optics, tough finish, stylish looks and greater control are a few factors that elevate their models above the pack. A few may find them expensive but their astounding features are definitely worth the cost. If you’re looking for a more professional type of model for a challenging arena, you can check out Aimpoint Pro as well. However, with an overall rating of A, very good, Nikon effectively beats other scopes available in the market. So go ahead and find a suitable model for your guns before you miss out the best ones.

Guide on How to Get Hold of the Best Gun Scope

Gun scopes are special magnifying devices meant to be mounted on top of guns for better shooting accuracy. Shopping for the best scope which perfectly fits individual hunting or shooting needs is no small task for many people. This is because at the moment there several varieties of rifle scopes in the market for example slug gun scopes and many more hence the search for the most suitable scope is characteristic of endless research, extensive reading and requires a lot of exposure which clearly is not an easy task for very many people. On the other hand, continuous advancements in technology have also affected the availability of scopes for guns by causing the continuous manufacture and introduction of completely new and more sophisticated rifle scopes into the market such as the aimpoint pro.

Night Vision Air Rifle Gun Scopes
Factors to take into consideration to get the best gun scopes

The following is an overview of some of the key factors to take into consideration whenever you are thinking of buying a gun scope. They include:

a) The Type of Lens

High quality lens serve as a guarantee for better view even in zoom mode. What’s more, besides simply looking at the type of lens, also take it upon yourself to test out the lens.


b) Features, Design and Styles

Gun scopes have several features plus there are also several designs and styles all of which take into consideration the different designs of rifles. This being the case, either check the design of your rifle or simply liaise with an experienced scopes sales representative in order to get the best scopes whose mounting will not in any way be a problem.


c) Size

Depending on the type of gun that you have chosen the most suitable scope whose size will perfectly match its use together with your gun.


Overview of Digital Gun Scopes

Besides the above features, people have also developed a higher preference for the digital type of gun scopes [which also serves as one of the latest inventions when talking about rifle scopes]. Unlike traditional scopes which are known to be excessively heavy a factor which greatly affects accuracy, digital gun scopes are characteristic of digitalized views plus they are manufactured using high quality materials hence very light and not bulky. The best thing about digital gun scopes is the fact that they are very easy to mount and use plus they also feature night vision optics which translates to maximum utility of infrared amongst other things.

Merits of Digital Gun Scopes

  • They can easily be lined with the barrel of the gun allowing for taking of shots without the risk of the shooter being exposed.
  • Increase accuracy of targets


Demerits of digital gin scopes

  • The only downside to this type of gun scopes is the fact that they require batteries and are most susceptible to water.


Important tips to get hold of the best gun scope

Amidst your search for the best gun scope, it is very important to understand the fact that the best scopes for example pellet gun scopes do not come cheap. This simply implies that means that being interested in any scope which costs a few dollars in most cases is a waste of time since you are more likely to end up getting ripped off. On the other hand rifle scopes which cost several hundred of dollars also do not guarantee quality. This being the case, to help you identify the best gun scope here are a few tips to guide you make the right choices. They include:

  • Take time off and carry out an independent research that involves previewing hunting websites and hunting magazines for details of the top scope brand and models available in the market.
  • Once you have a familiarized yourself with the basic of the top gun scope brands, shift your focus onto the features with a lot of emphasis on the overall price, intended use and the size. Use these details to make comparisons.
  • Next check on the warranty being offered for the scopes you are interested in. use the type of warranty to also streamline the choices you have to choose from.
  • Consider the nature of the adjustments as well as the scope’s rifle range and other important features such as its design in terms of ease or difficulty to mounting for use with a gun.
  • The level of maintenance required, only pick the rifle scope whose maintenance requirements you are comfortable with.


Precision Pellet Gun and Scopes for Hunting

Tips on how to Save on Time while out Searching for an Ideal Gun Scope

Although the market is currently filled with gun scopes of different kinds, good news is you can still drastically cut the amount of time needed to find the best scope by applying the following few simply steps. They include:

  • Coming up with a budget estimate for your scope of choice in advance before setting out in search of it
  • Determining exactly which magnification is appropriate for your preferred hunting or shooting styles
  • Settling for an appropriate reticle as this will save you the burden of dealing with the enormous amount of reticles available at the moment.
  • Choosing the most suitable scope finish that would fit your gun perfectly. Some of the commonly available choices include the gloss, camo, silver, matte scope finishes.
  • Finally, settle for an objective size which perfectly suits your shooting styles.


Shot Gun Rifle Scopes

Instructions on How to Mount a Gun Scopes

In case you are new to handling gun scopes, here is a general overview on the best way to mount them onto a gun

  • First off, always make sure that your fingers are far from the trigger or the gun is not loaded at all. Once you are sure of safety, go ahead to hold your rifle tightly and the proceed as follows:
    • Remove all plug screws and then clean the area with a degreaser if you have and finally coat it with a very good rust inhibitor. Refer to the instructions which accompanied the scope when you purchased it. It is important that you follow all the steps provided for in the instruction manual since not all scopes are a one size fits all. Following instruction will also help make sure that your gun scope is place correctly especially when trying to mount scopes such as the air gun scopes.
    • Next attach the rear and front scope rings.
    • Look for a small place where it is fairly leveled and then use this to check whether the gun scope is properly leveled or not.
    • Sight in, test out the sights around you imagining that they are actual shooting targets for a feel of how it would be like when actually using the scope while fitted as it is.


Nikon Slug Gun Scopes

Bottom line

Gun scopes generally serve as the most excellent way to magnify a target for an accurate hit. Technological advancements have seen tremendous improvements in their designs. Today there are rifles scopes of different sizes and of varying adjustable accuracies. In case you are interested in any feel free to take advantage of the above details to get one which will suit your gun and shooting preferences the best.

Choosing the Right Scope for Your Gun

Burris scopes is equipped with necessary technological requirements you are bound to get the right scope for your gun and one which fits well to your intended environment and more at the most affordable and competitive prices available. The long range of scope available from these stores is configured with precision to ensure that they conform to set international standards.

Red Dot Burris Scopes

  • Build on platform of lowering costs

The range of burris shotgun scopes available were initially designed on the platform of providing cheaper and affordable scopes which serves to the interest of each and every individual irrespective of their location. The company founder realized the need for introduced scopes that would be affordable by all who needed to use them. It is in this regard that the idea of developing scopes from locations near the markets was developed. This was endeared to provide low labor costs and as well completely alleviate the need for transport costs.

The decision to have production of burris scopes relocated to various areas was brought about by varying factors. Of the major factors wad the skyrocketing of the cost of production which included labor cost and cost of production. This rose by standards of up to 40% thus creating the need to seek alternatives. While it was completely difficult to raise the street cost of the scopes, or reduce the cost of raw material, sourcing for lower labor cost and getting rid of other subsidiary costs became their only option.

Buy A Burris Tactical Scopes

  • A wide range of scope lines available

Scopes available vary depending on various lines among the common lines is the short mag’ type of scope which is ideally used by new gun owners. These are basically short range scopes which are essential for those with little or no experience. These are also available for use by military trainers as they are configured in light weight. This makes it ideal for inexperienced gun holders to train with.

  • Long range aims and hunting

Burris tactical scopes are also available. These are essential scopes for gamers and hunters to whom the target is the most essential prize of the game. These are equipped with long range and strong lenses. This is essential in that they allow the gun holder to make a perfect aim even from a long distance.

Find Reviews For Burris Scopes

  • The ideal scopes for long and flat ranges

The tactical scopes are also ideal for use in flat areas with low vegetation covers. This means that they are easily applicable in desert areas and areas with low vegetation cover. Their strong scope lenses are specially designed to ensure that the shot can be aimed to an object which is beyond the normal eyes view.


What’s best for farmer and hunters?

Aimpoint pro handguns are mostly used by farmers and more so ranchers. They are also used in areas farms where game hunting is practiced. To cater for this class of gun handlers there is available the Burris short gun scopes. Hunters can also fit well in using these types of rifle scopes. Shot guns are also ideally used in farms where bushes and plant cover is common. They are normally not designed for long distance shots. Despite this the scopes used for the short guns are configured with strong lenses which allows for easy and accurate ascertainment of what lies beyond the bush or valley ahead.


Burris Shotgun Eliminator Scopes

Highly efficient rifle scopes

The line of rifle scopes available from Burris stores is ensured that it’s high effective and physically efficient. In the reviews conducted, they were rated to have 99.5 accuracy by most of the customers. This makes them ideal for use in varying fields where they have been accredited by the users.

In exhaustible scope line

The range of scopes and burris scopes review available in Burris scopes is inexhaustible. This is more aggravated by the fact that most of the scopes are ideally designed for specific areas and hence making it to be out of reach in certain areas unless specific orders are made. With quite a lot of rifle and guns in the market today so are the scopes with more than one variety available for use with one type of the rifle.

Choosing The Right Sniper Scope

After the sniper rifles, the sniper scopes are the second most important components in the sniper rifle weapon systems. It is a specialized telescope that helps a sniper to achieve more accuracy by laying crosshairs over the magnified image. It compares the point of impact with the point of aim. This is applicable when firing a bullet over 600 yards as many variables are involved from the point when the bullet is released to the point when it hits the target. For perfect accuracy, the point of aim should be similar to the point of impact.

Good Counter Sniper Scopes For You

These scopes have ballistic drop compensators installed. It assists the sniper to adjust the scope accordingly to compensate for battlefield variables. A sniper can make adjustments for a range of up to 1,000 yards and in right, left, up and down directions. The sniper relies on the reticule that has mil dots to sight and range target. The mil dots encircle the target allowing the sniper to estimate distances and make the needed adjustments for moving targets and wind.

Buying the right sniper scope is as important as buying the sniper rifle itself. There are factors that you need to consider in order to get a scope that will meet your specific needs. These factors include:

Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Scopes

Purpose of building the rifle

The reason for building the rifle determines the kind of scope you will need. You will need different scopes for civilian competition, tactical competition, law enforcement and military purposes. It is also important to be at par with the technological advancement in the market. For law enforcement, a low power scope is more ideal. An aimpoint pro scope is more appropriate for law enforcers and for short ranges. This is because law enforcers have a small shooting limit. For short ranges, high power sniper scopes give you a narrow and totally blind field of view. If you have the chance of moving closer to the target, you should go for low power sniper scopes. Military sniper scopes have high power because military snipers need to take accurate shots from long ranges. They can be used for distances between 250-1000 yards. Using a low power sniper scope for long ranges is not ideal as the magnification is not high enough making it susceptible to mirage especially on a hot day.

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic
For competitive purposes, you have the option of using different power sniper scopes as you will not be under the same conditions as a military or law enforcement officer. This is because your accuracy or lack of it is of no important significance as the military or law enforcement officers. Your target will determine the sniper scope you will use. If you are a collector or a part-time shooter, your weapon system determines the ideal scope.

Fixed versus variable power

Military users prefer a fixed power to variable power. This is because of the several variables that are involved. The range also differs greatly. Having fixed power is ideal so that they can concentrate on the other variables. A variable power sniper scope is more applicable in in civilian and law enforcement use. A variable power is great as you have the option to increase or reduce power should the range dictate. Counter sniper scopes are available in both fixed and variable power options.

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Objective size

The other important to look out for is the objective size. It is advisable to get a scope that has its objective size below 42mm. A large objective bell becomes a hindrance as you will be forced to raise your head high up making it hard to get a repeatable cheek weld. To be more accurate, the scope should be mounted as low as possible to the axis of the bore. You have the capability to get low-light clarity with a scope of less than 40mm objective size and low power. You should not spend money on large objective size sniper scope when the quality of the glass is a far more important factor. Airsoft sniper scopes are available in different objective sizes hence you can option of choosing the one that suits you.

In summary, if you are planning to get a long-range scope, do not expect to be involved in targets that are less than 200 yards. A fixed 10x scope with vertical adjustment is more appropriate. For law enforcers, a low power sniper scope is more appropriate.

Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes are magnifying devices that are mounted onto the firearm for a better shooting accuracy. They come in a variety of pricing, magnification and power ranges. There are a number of aspects that you should bear in mind while acquiring rifle scopes. The first is the budget you have set up to purchase one. Another important factor that you need to consider when buying a scope is the size of the lens. You need to find out the advantages of the larger scopes over smaller ones. Also, check the power setting. You should opt for a larger power setting if you want to have a clear view of your target.

 All About Rifle Scopes

Aimpoint Pro

Aimpoint Pro, also known as patrol rifle optic, is a quality and hardened optics. It is more affordable as compared to popular reflex sights such as Comp M4 and T-1 Micro whose cost is out of reach for most people. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find an optic with the simplicity, durability, ruggedness and reputation that this product has at an average pricing of $400 online. Its design is similar to that of Comp 3C, ML3, ML2, M3 and M2 and functions basically the same. It is has a 30MM tube with 3-year battery life and a 2 MOA dot. This optic has been designed to left-running for immediate deployment. For them that are interested in it, the 4 NVD settings are also provided together with 6 daylight settings. It is water proof up to 150 feet deep. Unique to the product is that it is packaged to have QRP2 mount, configured to co-witness the iron sights on M16/M4/AR15 platform. A standard front cap and clear rear lens cap are also installed which are both flip-ups.

Modern Aimpoint Pro

Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon rifle scopes are available in an advanced range of styles and also appearance making them ideal for buck hunter and assault rifle shooters. They are manufactured with high precision lenses which perform well for virtually all hunting enthusiasts. Their products are of guaranteed quality in terms of usage and make. With technology leading the way and a life-time warranty, you are guaranteed to get the best from Nikon. Some of the selections of their range of rifle scopes include:

  • Sovereign series
  • Team Realtree
  • SlugHunter
  • Omega
  • M-223 AR
  • Buckmasters and
  • ProStaff
  • Titanium
  • Monarch series

These scopes are covered with an ultra-clear coat that supplies anti reflection features. This removes the need for tools that perform similarly and in so doing saves a lot of time and effort. Their product range fits any budget and buyer preference.

There are many options when it comes to the right scope for an air gun. Ensure that you acquire a scope that will offer you the value that you desire and the accuracy that you are looking for. One factor that you need to consider when buying an air rifle scopes are for what purpose you are to use it. Either way, ensure that you obtain a scope that will give you more accuracy when you are shooting targets or small game.

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Long Range Rifle Scopes

There are a wide variety of long range rifle scopes available in the market. When purchasing one, make sure that they have clarity and also adjustment capability. In case you want impressive features, you need to consider the firearm manufacturer to know the performance of the rifle. Another important criterion to consider is the weight of the rifle. Having proper rifle scopes such as Swarovski, Vortex or Night force riflescope will allow one to take an accurate shot and aim at all kind of targets. You should check its repeatability aspect. The repeatability issues are due to elevation and wind adjustments. You therefore need to test both these adjustments to check whether the results that they produce are repeatable. Zero repeatability and linear repeatability are some of the tests that you need to carry out.

Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope

The best scope would be the ones that don’t overpower your weapon. You need to ensure that you do enough research on the right scope that fits your gun, your shooting style and your eye. You would not want to buy the wrong scope and discover later that it doesn’t fit onto your firearm or it doesn’t function according to your expectations. Each firearm has got an optimum distance that they can reach. The scope shouldn’t magnify beyond this point. You can obtain specifications for most hunting scopes online.