Choosing The Right Sniper Scope

After the sniper rifles, the sniper scopes are the second most important components in the sniper rifle weapon systems. It is a specialized telescope that helps a sniper to achieve more accuracy by laying crosshairs over the magnified image. It compares the point of impact with the point of aim. This is applicable when firing a bullet over 600 yards as many variables are involved from the point when the bullet is released to the point when it hits the target. For perfect accuracy, the point of aim should be similar to the point of impact.

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These scopes have ballistic drop compensators installed. It assists the sniper to adjust the scope accordingly to compensate for battlefield variables. A sniper can make adjustments for a range of up to 1,000 yards and in right, left, up and down directions. The sniper relies on the reticule that has mil dots to sight and range target. The mil dots encircle the target allowing the sniper to estimate distances and make the needed adjustments for moving targets and wind.

Buying the right sniper scope is as important as buying the sniper rifle itself. There are factors that you need to consider in order to get a scope that will meet your specific needs. These factors include:

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Purpose of building the rifle

The reason for building the rifle determines the kind of scope you will need. You will need different scopes for civilian competition, tactical competition, law enforcement and military purposes. It is also important to be at par with the technological advancement in the market. For law enforcement, a low power scope is more ideal. An aimpoint pro scope is more appropriate for law enforcers and for short ranges. This is because law enforcers have a small shooting limit. For short ranges, high power sniper scopes give you a narrow and totally blind field of view. If you have the chance of moving closer to the target, you should go for low power sniper scopes. Military sniper scopes have high power because military snipers need to take accurate shots from long ranges. They can be used for distances between 250-1000 yards. Using a low power sniper scope for long ranges is not ideal as the magnification is not high enough making it susceptible to mirage especially on a hot day.

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For competitive purposes, you have the option of using different power sniper scopes as you will not be under the same conditions as a military or law enforcement officer. This is because your accuracy or lack of it is of no important significance as the military or law enforcement officers. Your target will determine the sniper scope you will use. If you are a collector or a part-time shooter, your weapon system determines the ideal scope.

Fixed versus variable power

Military users prefer a fixed power to variable power. This is because of the several variables that are involved. The range also differs greatly. Having fixed power is ideal so that they can concentrate on the other variables. A variable power sniper scope is more applicable in in civilian and law enforcement use. A variable power is great as you have the option to increase or reduce power should the range dictate. Counter sniper scopes are available in both fixed and variable power options.

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Objective size

The other important to look out for is the objective size. It is advisable to get a scope that has its objective size below 42mm. A large objective bell becomes a hindrance as you will be forced to raise your head high up making it hard to get a repeatable cheek weld. To be more accurate, the scope should be mounted as low as possible to the axis of the bore. You have the capability to get low-light clarity with a scope of less than 40mm objective size and low power. You should not spend money on large objective size sniper scope when the quality of the glass is a far more important factor. Airsoft sniper scopes are available in different objective sizes hence you can option of choosing the one that suits you.

In summary, if you are planning to get a long-range scope, do not expect to be involved in targets that are less than 200 yards. A fixed 10x scope with vertical adjustment is more appropriate. For law enforcers, a low power sniper scope is more appropriate.