Gun Bluing at Home

A method called gun bluing is done to protect guns from rust and corrosion. The name came from the bluish black finish achieved after the stainless steel has been boiled in a solution composed of sodium hydroxide and potassium nitrate. This process has been employed for years by gunsmiths, manufacturers and collectors and it is still being used today to protect the beauty of modern guns and firearms and restore back the metal finish of old pistols and rifles.

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There are two types of gun bluing commonly used nowadays. One is the cold bluing technique and the other is the hot bluing technique. Both employ the use of gun bluing solvents that immediately react with metals. Take a look at the pros and cons of these bluing methods.

The Cold Blue Option

This inexpensive method is ideal for small gun parts that do not require all the heating preparations. It can dress up a worn part and can make an old gun look new. However, this method needs extra care because it does not create an even finish caused by the solution reacting to metals differently. An aimpoint pro may not match with a blued gun barrel for instance. Cold bluing kits of different brands are now available and these can be done at the comfort of your home.

Where To Buy Gun Bluing Kit

The Hot Blue Option

This method leaves an even finish and creates the deepest bluish black color. Hot blued guns do not wear easily. This process is quite expensive and can be found in large gun factories where gun bluing tanks hold large vats of solvents. Hot bluing demands more preparations, an expert eye on details and is only applicable to large volume of gun parts. This process is obviously not recommended in household settings.

All About Blue Wonder Gun Bluing Kit

A DIY Task?

The said methods have other variations as well created to meet different gun maintenance needs. One fine example is the blue wonder gun bluing kit. Chemists and gun experts developed a unique way of bringing the complex process of cold bluing into the convenience of one’s own home with the same effect with that of hot blued guns. This kit is composed of:

  • 1 ounce gun cleaner – this is applied to remove oil and grease from the metal
  • 2 ounce gun blue- this is the primary solution that sets the bluing process once it comes in contact with the metal
  • ½ ounce developer- this serves as the finishing touch to fully achieve the deep dark blue metal

Before starting this quick pre-packaged formula, always remember to read the instructions carefully and wear protective gloves, eyeglasses and mask because the chemical is highly corrosive. Lay down a plastic sheet on the table before starting to work on your guns. Remember to prepare a clean supply of water just in case you need to wash off an incorrectly applied solution.

Best Ways For Gun Bluing Tanks

This quick gun bluing process does not need soaking or rinsing so there is no need to have a large bluing tank. Simply follow the instructions in applying the contents to the metal. The solution will react with the metal, dries and triggers the bluing process. It penetrates deeply creating a finish that looks and wears like the real thing. This gun bluing kit is highly recommended for the beginners.

Cleaning and maintenance of guns can be time consuming and expensive. You can always contact your gun dealers for more information about how to achieve a beautiful gun finish without you actually working on the bluing process. However, if you really want to have good looking guns and passionately work on them then the bluing kit is ideal for you. So what do you think?