The Different Types of Pistol Sights

Scopes or pistol sights play a vital role in making playing airsoft more fun in various ways. You should therefore get a sight if you do not already have one. An airsoft sight has the ability of helping you in other ways even though it is not as important for air rifle shooting, which requires you to hit a target with a 5p size at 30 meters.

Rear Kahr Pistol Sight

Types of pistol sights that you should consider:

  • Fiber optic pistol sights

Fiber optic pistol sights are very useful for sniping because they help in improving longer distance that is aimed at shot accuracy. Just as their name implies, they provide magnified vision. They are ideal for general rifle combat and snipers. They are the best for ambushes, spotting an enemy who is in cover or at ranges that are way beyond rifle range. These sights are available in various sizes such as:

    • 3-9 x 40 – This size is the most popular type for general purposes. However, the question on the minds of many people is what it means. Well, 3-9 is the magnification. In this example, you can dial between 3 and 9x as well as any number in between. This size is very useful for multiple ranges and situations.


    • 40 is the size of the lens in millimeters and it is very good. It is not very bulky but its field of view is very wide and light capture is good. A 4 x 32 on the other hand means a magnification of 4x only through a lens of 32mm.

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  • Cross hairs

These are available in various types. However, for airsoft you only need to worry about them as a fashion thing. The 30-30, which is fine, the same as a traditional X hair, is standard. Others have standard cross hair for the military namely, Mil Dot. They are more costly. The Mil Dot is an aid for estimating distance and finding range that is not very beneficial until you reach more than two hundred meters. It is nice for you to have it but it is not a necessity for you.

  • Red dot pistol sights

Red dot pistol sights make all airsoft rifles to look cool by improving hit rates in mad skirmishes and fast reflex CQB. They are fun to use. The real size is what you see because they are not magnified. They are perfect for close quarter stuff, CQB and FIBUA, which require you to have sight shots to quick semi aimed eye or reflex from your hip. These sights project a green (or red) dot onto the interior part of the lens. You are the only one who has the ability to see this dot. You hit by firing. They are very useful for pistols and reflex combat. They are better when the lens is bigger. 20 mm is ideal and common. Although 40mm is much better, it is more expensive.

Burris FastFire III Red Dot Sight Pistol

  • Laser pistol sights

Laser pistol sights are fun to use because they make all airsoft rifles to look cool by improving hit rates in mad skirmishes and fast reflex CQB. They are not magnified and hence, the real size is what you see. These pistol sights are perfect for CQB, FIBUA and close quarter stuff where you have to have sight shots to quick semi aimed eye or reflex from your hip. The principle of these sights is the same as that of the red dot. However, anyone can see the dot because it is very visible on your target. It is the best for scaring an enemy. However, you should use it carefully because it can blow your cover. It is ideal in low light. However, you can still get a visible dot in standard daylight by using any decent laser even though you will have a much less effective range. These sights are available in different types and some of them can be better than telescopic sights. You can mount others slung under the pistol grip or barrel. The makes of these sights include LS3, LS2, and LS1 models, Cybergun Universal, Beamshot, and Hawke Tactical. These makes are all excellent and the SMK is the cheapest.

About Laser Pistol Sights

You however need a place for clamping these pistol sights onto when you want to fit them to your pistol. Hence, it is very important for you to get base rails and mounts from the aimpoint pro brand because they work very well with them.