How to Aim Your Pistol Laser Sight More Effectively

A pistol laser sight is highly effective and can provide a useful visual sighting tool with an accuracy of up to 1,000 meters. If you regularly go target shooting or hunting, laser sights are easy to control, especially when installed on air pistols or air rifles. Here are several tips on how customize the laser sight for your specific needs. Fine tuning the laser to hit a point of impact is often referred to as “sighting in the laser“.

Universal Laser Sigh For Pistol and Rifles

Preparing the laser gun

  • Firstly, turn on the laser sight and brace the pistol and laser with the use of a gun vice. You will need to aim the laser sight and gun towards a specific target, approximately 25 feet away.
  • Position the iron sights to correctly align the pistol gun with the bullseye point on the relevant target.
  • You will then need to place a hex tool on the top adjustment point of the laser sight, normally the elevation slot. Turn the small hex around and adjust it until the red dot is aligned with the bullseye of your target.
  • Next, place the hex tool into the lower slot on the pistol which is usually the windage slot. Again carefully turn the small hex around until it is aligned with the bullseye point of the target that you want to shoot. It is advisable that you fire a test shot first using only the red laser as your point of aim.
  • Continue adjusting the point depending on the impact point during the test shot. The laser needs to align exactly with the bullseye target, easier to achieve if you are an aimpoint pro.


Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Pistol Laser Sight

Adjusting the pistol laser sight

Pistol laser sight is often easy to use and control when the sight is properly installed and matches up with the point on the relevant target. At close range, this point is where you want the bullet to land. Several factors can affect this process however, such as a middling range, where the bullet drops and the strength of the wind, making laser sights harder to control.

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  • To adjust the laser sight, find the windage screw and bullet drop screw. These locations will vary depending on the type of laser sight and how it has been manufactured. There are also mounts and laser-grip sights on the side of the pistol and in larger guns such as rifles there will be two screws on the laser sight itself, one of either side at the top.
  • Using the hex screwdriver tool, adjust the windage screw. This will move the laser dot either right or left depending on the wind. Pistols need to estimate the wind strength and adjust accordingly.

The more accustomed you are to using the laser sight will increase the accuracy of your point of target. Pistol laser sight that use small screws instead of larger knobs will be more difficult to adjust and will require practice. To adjust for bullet drop, again adjust the screw on the laser sight using the small hex which will move the laser dot either up or down depending on its elevation level. Bullets have predictable ballistics making them easier to adjust.

Ciridian Green Pistol Laser Sight

Health and safety when using the pistol laser sight

  • Consult the instruction manual of your airsoft pistol laser sight which should explain in great length on how to adjust the knob for either windage or bullet drop.
  •  Smaller screws will be harder to fine tune then larger knobs and it is advisable to employ the help of a professional.
  • When using firearms, always maintain a level of care and safety. Always be aware of other people who may be close by when operating a firearm.
  • Photons from a green pistol laser sight can also cause severe vision damage and even blindness, even when using a lower power laser.
  • Before turning on the universal pi laser, make sure that it is not facing yourself or any other person in close proximity.
  • Never look directly in the beam of a laser as this can cause long-lasting damage to your eyes. In addition, never point the laser directly at another person.
  • Be aware of direct reflections of the laser light from highly reflective surfaces as this can be just as dangerous. The low divergence of a laser beam means that it can cause damage to a small point on the eye’s retina and result in localized burning and instant vision damage within a few seconds.

These are just some of the basic things you need to know about handling universal pistol laser sight properly.  You can also ask professional firing sports enthusiasts about other things you need to know about these pistols. You may also check other website for more gun safety instructions.

The Different Types of Pistol Sights

Scopes or pistol sights play a vital role in making playing airsoft more fun in various ways. You should therefore get a sight if you do not already have one. An airsoft sight has the ability of helping you in other ways even though it is not as important for air rifle shooting, which requires you to hit a target with a 5p size at 30 meters.

Rear Kahr Pistol Sight

Types of pistol sights that you should consider:

  • Fiber optic pistol sights

Fiber optic pistol sights are very useful for sniping because they help in improving longer distance that is aimed at shot accuracy. Just as their name implies, they provide magnified vision. They are ideal for general rifle combat and snipers. They are the best for ambushes, spotting an enemy who is in cover or at ranges that are way beyond rifle range. These sights are available in various sizes such as:

    • 3-9 x 40 – This size is the most popular type for general purposes. However, the question on the minds of many people is what it means. Well, 3-9 is the magnification. In this example, you can dial between 3 and 9x as well as any number in between. This size is very useful for multiple ranges and situations.


    • 40 is the size of the lens in millimeters and it is very good. It is not very bulky but its field of view is very wide and light capture is good. A 4 x 32 on the other hand means a magnification of 4x only through a lens of 32mm.

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  • Cross hairs

These are available in various types. However, for airsoft you only need to worry about them as a fashion thing. The 30-30, which is fine, the same as a traditional X hair, is standard. Others have standard cross hair for the military namely, Mil Dot. They are more costly. The Mil Dot is an aid for estimating distance and finding range that is not very beneficial until you reach more than two hundred meters. It is nice for you to have it but it is not a necessity for you.

  • Red dot pistol sights

Red dot pistol sights make all airsoft rifles to look cool by improving hit rates in mad skirmishes and fast reflex CQB. They are fun to use. The real size is what you see because they are not magnified. They are perfect for close quarter stuff, CQB and FIBUA, which require you to have sight shots to quick semi aimed eye or reflex from your hip. These sights project a green (or red) dot onto the interior part of the lens. You are the only one who has the ability to see this dot. You hit by firing. They are very useful for pistols and reflex combat. They are better when the lens is bigger. 20 mm is ideal and common. Although 40mm is much better, it is more expensive.

Burris FastFire III Red Dot Sight Pistol

  • Laser pistol sights

Laser pistol sights are fun to use because they make all airsoft rifles to look cool by improving hit rates in mad skirmishes and fast reflex CQB. They are not magnified and hence, the real size is what you see. These pistol sights are perfect for CQB, FIBUA and close quarter stuff where you have to have sight shots to quick semi aimed eye or reflex from your hip. The principle of these sights is the same as that of the red dot. However, anyone can see the dot because it is very visible on your target. It is the best for scaring an enemy. However, you should use it carefully because it can blow your cover. It is ideal in low light. However, you can still get a visible dot in standard daylight by using any decent laser even though you will have a much less effective range. These sights are available in different types and some of them can be better than telescopic sights. You can mount others slung under the pistol grip or barrel. The makes of these sights include LS3, LS2, and LS1 models, Cybergun Universal, Beamshot, and Hawke Tactical. These makes are all excellent and the SMK is the cheapest.

About Laser Pistol Sights

You however need a place for clamping these pistol sights onto when you want to fit them to your pistol. Hence, it is very important for you to get base rails and mounts from the aimpoint pro brand because they work very well with them.

Top Class Pistol Scopes

There are many different optical instruments which go well with different weapons, and pistol scopes are the best for small arms, especially pistols. A good pistol scope can be determined based on some simple criteria. For starters, the eye-box should be generous enough to allow flexibility and comfort. Secondly, the scope should provide extended eye relief.

All About Pistol Scopes

The optics should also have adequate brightness, and the crystal-clear optics, much needed for the modern, high powered hand-guns. The following brands of pistol scopes have been tested and found to conform to these standards, in addition to having spectacular features of their own.

Aimpoint Pro

This excellent, Patrol Rifle optic has been made with the challenging conditions faced by the law enforcement groups in mind. It features a circuit of high efficiency, which can be switched on and left working for more than two years running. This circuit powers a light-dot that helps in the aim of the target at different distances. Moreover, the front lens of the sight has a band – bass coating, which enables the use of any night vision devices with it. In addition, both the front and the rear lenses are built deep into the Pro’s body, protecting it against the harsh recoils and other damages resulting from scratches and fingerprints.

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Nikon Pistol Scopes

These are the ideal scopes for hunting and other sporting events. In addition to rugged durability, there is an excellent light transmission that makes the target an easy reach. The design is such that the shooter will have an increased versatility as well as top-notch performance, regardless of their caliber. Like the Pro, the optics is shock-proof and can handle all the different classes of recoil from their respective guns. To cap it all up, the scope offers an ultimately extended eye relief, and has an eyepiece which facilitates quick eye focus.

Nikoplex Nikon Pistol Scopes,

 The Burris Pistol Scopes

These are the greatest value-for-money scopes as they come, since they are backed by the famous Burris Forever warranty. This essentially means that their warranty is valid though the lifetime of the scopes. They can take any amount of magnum recoil. They are also very durable, withstanding harsh conditions such as fog, in addition to being waterproof. To enhance clarity, they are filled with nitrogen, which rarely reacts with any metal or plastic to cause blurred vision on the sights; as well as waterproofing the interior.

Other performance aspects include the exclusive Posi- Lock, which is essentially the lock of the target that will remain unchanged even after the recoil adjusts the position of the gun. The resulting effect is that with different zoom ratios available, one can achieve a perfect hit from the most optimum range available for the gun. With the durable lens cover, the lens themselves are kept clean and as good as new.

Fine Plex Burris Pistol Scopes

Bushnell Pistol Scopes

The extended eye relief offered by this class of scopes can reach as long as 20 inches. This means that they are great for use with guns that have powerful recoils – as much as .454 Casuli recoil. The scope is compatible with even the highest caliber of guns. Every shot is guaranteed to be dead on target every time, with the extra features such as being fog -proof; made possible by the RainGuard HD technology. The optics is multicoated, allowing for use with different categories of night vision, just like the Pro scopes.

The material from which it is made is lightweight aluminum which is complemented by the argon- purged property of the scope. Moreover, the site features an Elite Bullet – Proof warranty. The ease of use of the eyepiece is such that fast focus is enhanced.

With any of these scopes by the side of the user, there is an added tactical advantage. Every shot is guaranteed after a good spotting and training with the scopes, which give ultimate precision in the range determination. Their construction bears testimony to the professionalism and workmanship that went into the design and manufacture if the instruments.

Their lightweight property is an asset which proves invaluable once the weight of the pistol or small arm is factored in. The performance of the scopes does not come in the way of the functionality of the gun. If anything, it improves it so significantly as to make pistol scopes a must-have accessory with the pistol.