How to Aim Your Pistol Laser Sight More Effectively

A pistol laser sight is highly effective and can provide a useful visual sighting tool with an accuracy of up to 1,000 meters. If you regularly go target shooting or hunting, laser sights are easy to control, especially when installed on air pistols or air rifles. Here are several tips on how customize the laser sight for your specific needs. Fine tuning the laser to hit a point of impact is often referred to as “sighting in the laser“.

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Preparing the laser gun

  • Firstly, turn on the laser sight and brace the pistol and laser with the use of a gun vice. You will need to aim the laser sight and gun towards a specific target, approximately 25 feet away.
  • Position the iron sights to correctly align the pistol gun with the bullseye point on the relevant target.
  • You will then need to place a hex tool on the top adjustment point of the laser sight, normally the elevation slot. Turn the small hex around and adjust it until the red dot is aligned with the bullseye of your target.
  • Next, place the hex tool into the lower slot on the pistol which is usually the windage slot. Again carefully turn the small hex around until it is aligned with the bullseye point of the target that you want to shoot. It is advisable that you fire a test shot first using only the red laser as your point of aim.
  • Continue adjusting the point depending on the impact point during the test shot. The laser needs to align exactly with the bullseye target, easier to achieve if you are an aimpoint pro.


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Adjusting the pistol laser sight

Pistol laser sight is often easy to use and control when the sight is properly installed and matches up with the point on the relevant target. At close range, this point is where you want the bullet to land. Several factors can affect this process however, such as a middling range, where the bullet drops and the strength of the wind, making laser sights harder to control.

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  • To adjust the laser sight, find the windage screw and bullet drop screw. These locations will vary depending on the type of laser sight and how it has been manufactured. There are also mounts and laser-grip sights on the side of the pistol and in larger guns such as rifles there will be two screws on the laser sight itself, one of either side at the top.
  • Using the hex screwdriver tool, adjust the windage screw. This will move the laser dot either right or left depending on the wind. Pistols need to estimate the wind strength and adjust accordingly.

The more accustomed you are to using the laser sight will increase the accuracy of your point of target. Pistol laser sight that use small screws instead of larger knobs will be more difficult to adjust and will require practice. To adjust for bullet drop, again adjust the screw on the laser sight using the small hex which will move the laser dot either up or down depending on its elevation level. Bullets have predictable ballistics making them easier to adjust.

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Health and safety when using the pistol laser sight

  • Consult the instruction manual of your airsoft pistol laser sight which should explain in great length on how to adjust the knob for either windage or bullet drop.
  •  Smaller screws will be harder to fine tune then larger knobs and it is advisable to employ the help of a professional.
  • When using firearms, always maintain a level of care and safety. Always be aware of other people who may be close by when operating a firearm.
  • Photons from a green pistol laser sight can also cause severe vision damage and even blindness, even when using a lower power laser.
  • Before turning on the universal pi laser, make sure that it is not facing yourself or any other person in close proximity.
  • Never look directly in the beam of a laser as this can cause long-lasting damage to your eyes. In addition, never point the laser directly at another person.
  • Be aware of direct reflections of the laser light from highly reflective surfaces as this can be just as dangerous. The low divergence of a laser beam means that it can cause damage to a small point on the eye’s retina and result in localized burning and instant vision damage within a few seconds.

These are just some of the basic things you need to know about handling universal pistol laser sight properly.  You can also ask professional firing sports enthusiasts about other things you need to know about these pistols. You may also check other website for more gun safety instructions.