Expert Shooting With An AR 15 Scope

If you are a riffle enthusiast or expert then you have probably found yourself wondering about the best ar 15 scopes available in the market. A good scope is one which will allow a person to aim at and engage objects/targets even at long distances without strain. It should also allow one good tight shot groupings and allow them to throw a lot of lead downrange should the situation call for this. It’s also no secret that in a market flooded with different types of AR 15 scope each claiming to be the best, it can be a daunting task figuring out which one to purchase. There are many opinions online about the best scopes but here we will list only facts supported by credible evidence. The first goal for a person is of course to determine what they need the rifles for whether for target practice, hunting or self-defense. 

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What Exactly is an AR 15 Scope?

A scope also known as telescopic sight refers to the apparatus which can improve the accuracy of one’s shots when target shooting, hunting or during self-defense when one is using an AR – 15. It’s much more accurate than when one is using the standard ironsights. When using this, one can simply line up crosshairs with the target instead of having to line up the rear sight, the front sight and their target. This reduces the complexities of aiming and shooting by up to a 3rd. Many scopes usually come with magnification which allows the shooter to see targets even at close range thus greatly improving the accuracy of their shots.

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This scope works through a series of lenses which refract light as it comes from the target thus magnifying the image. There is a reticle (image system) inside this system which is on top of the image and gives an aiming point. The good thing with this is that it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowhow, once the scope is mounted only minimal adjustments are needed before one puts it to use.

What Scope Meets Your Particular Needs?

Each scope is unique in its own way and all of them have their pros and cons. They each have different metrics that make them unique. Such metrics will definitely include the objective diameter, weight, reticle, magnification and even field of view.

best ar 15 scope reviews

There are several criteria that a good scope should meet before it’s called the best AR 15 scope. Getting the best scope for AR 15 can indeed be a daunting task especially if one does not understand the features that distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. What you need the rifle for is definitely going to play a huge role in determining which scope one will go for. AR 15 scope mounts come in different shapes and sizes with advantages and disadvantages. The following list contains the factors you should take into consideration before making your purchase;

  • The magnification – the magnification power of lens determines how much it can enlarge a distant target. This means that a 5x power scope will be able to magnify the image to five times its original size. Some scopes have a fixed magnification while others can be adjusted depending on how far one’s target is. Higher magnification scopes are good for distant targets although they are more affected by shaking than the low powered scopes.

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  • The objective diameter – this is useful as it determines how much light is gathered to form images. A good one will help to gather light even in a dimly lit environment. A bigger objective diameter will let in more light but on the downside will be more expensive, have more weight and need a high mount height.

Getting the most suited AR 15 scope for your rifle should be easy once you determine the trusted names in the market. Aimpoint pro can answer all of your needs and you need not to scour the market for days since it is one of the most recommended stores for all enthusiast and hobbyist.