Hit Your Target Easily with Red Dot Sights

Take your shooting skill to the next level with the help of red dot sights. Whether the weather is good or bad, you can still hit your target easily with these sights. The good thing about the red dot is that you just have to simply aim a target, pull the trigger and that is it!

Red dot sights are not really meant for precision shooting but for very fast shooting. The larger the dot the better since it is easier to find and shoot your target with them. A lot of military use this because the chances of hitting are higher compared to iron sights.  Shot gunners, competitive speed shooters and other players for target games usually prefer them than other types.

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  • Fast hitting of the target because it is very easy to use. Just point the gun on the target and pull trigger.
  • You can aim at the target with both of your eyes open.
  • They are best when hitting moving targets at a close range.
  • Works well when hunting in the dark.
  • They are small and would not weigh down a rifle.
  • Best for beginners and those with not so good vision.

ar 15 red dot sights reviews

Although red dot sights seem almost perfect, fact is, there are some disadvantages too. However, you will find that there are more advantages when as compared to its disadvantages.  So for starters using rifles like ar 15, ar 15 red dot sights are an ideal upgrade. Look below and read some of the known disadvantages as gathered from other users.


  • It needs batteries to work. Although, they could last for long, still you may have deal with some unavoidable battery issues.
  • Difficulty seeing the dot on really bright days.
  • The scope power is not sufficient enough for firing at long distances.

shotgun red dot sights reviews

How do red dot sights work?

Reflex sight, this is what red dot sight is commonly called. These dots depend on non-magnifying reflectors for it to appear. There is a small LED (light emitting diode) that produces a colored light, this reflects opposite a tiny spherical mirror. The mirror directs the dot towards the lens; this is what you see as you look through the sight.

How to use the red dot sight?

  • Look through the scope at the red dot reticle.
  •  Once the dot appears on your target, pull the trigger.
  • The level of intensity of red dot ranges from 1 to 11. You may need to adjust the level of brightness of the dot depending on lighting condition.
  • To save on battery, return the dial to the 0 position. Always bring battery backups especially when you are hunting because cold weather drains battery power.

know how do red dot sights work

When it comes to red dot sights, Aimpoint Pro is the leading brand. It is popularly known for its long battery life.  It was first developed for hunters and is now used by military and law enforcers too. What makes it perform well even in tough conditions is that they are made from solid aluminum. Because of this, it remains the top choice of gun users.  So if you are aiming for speed and accuracy, think of Aimpoint.


If you want to improve your shooting skill, reflex sights is the best option. For best hunting experience, get your shotgun red dot sights now. They are best especially for a beginner who wants a fast aiming point. The best part is that they are very easy to use compared to other type of scopes. Whether you are into hunting or other sports that needs the use of a gun, red dot sights will help you hit your target with speed and accuracy.