Gun Vise at Your Service

Why is it important to have a gun vise? Gun manufacturers, collectors and artisans use this device for various reasons. In a commercial point of view, this serves as a tool to assemble gun parts. Collectors use this as a stand for cleaning and positioning the gun so that they can add or modify it. For target shooters, this serves as an installation tool for gun accessories like the Aimpoint pro.

Where To Buy Wooden Gun Vise

A number of simple and high technology vises are available in the market nowadays. Majority of them can function in a number of ways depending upon the need. A good example is the Tipton gun vise that can serve a variety of needs such as repairs, maintenance and cleaning of firearms. This is easily adjusted to handle different types of rifles and shotguns.

One good thing with a gun vise is that it can be made at home and you will no longer shell out money by buying a factory manufactured piece. How to make a homemade gun vise? These simple steps will help you how to do it.

San Angelo Gun Vise

Steps In Making Wooden Gun Vise

  • Take a 2” x 8” x 12” board and measure three inches from each end. This board serves as the back of the vise. Make necessary pencil marks on the measured area.
  • Measure and cut a 1” x 8” x 13” hardwood for the front jaw. Use a 3/8” bit to drill the board. The hole placement should match when the boards are placed horizontally on top of each other.
  • Measure three inches from each end of a 2” x 4” x 12” board and mark them. Drill a hole using ¼” drill bit to make a base board.
  • Fasten the base and the back jaw of the vise by using a screw. The screw should pass through the front of the back jaw into the base. Evenly space the screws at 6” intervals.
  • Place the base on a mounting surface and it should fully hang off the edge. Use a 1/4” wrench to attach the base to the mounting surface by using ¼” bolts. 
  • Take a 3/8” fender washer and slide in onto each of the 3/8” x 8” carriage bolts. Then slide the carriage bolts through the back holes of the vise. Insert the front jaw into the carriage bolts.
  • Take the remaining fender washers and slide them onto each of the carriage bolts. Attach 3/8” nuts into the end of carriage bolt. Tighten or loosen the vise using a 3/8” when needed.


DIY Homemade Gun Vise

Additional Tips

If this do-it-yourself method is quite time consuming, you can always visit a carpenter to have a wooden vise made for you. These people are experts when it comes to woodwork and they can take the exact measurement based on your preference and can customize it depending upon your specifications.

If you wish to have a multi- functional gun vise then you can always contact a gun shop, dealer or check the web. A versatile vise is manufactured with a selection of adjustments, tilts and clamps. They have inserts to hold a handgun or rifle securely.

Authentic Tipton Gun Vise

When it comes to choosing a certain vise, make sure that it has ample compartments that can hold bottles of solvents, sprays and lubricants. It should also have something to hold the disassembled parts of a gun.  Most importantly, it should have a sturdy handle in case you need to carry your implements to another place. Always remember to consider convenience, functionality and price before deciding which one to buy.