Choosing the Best Handgun Sights

It doesn’t matter how great the handgun you own is, attaching handgun sights other than the front & rare sights on the gun’s top rail can offer you extra accuracy and easier aiming. There are various styles of sights obtainable and the selection you make will depend on your preferred design and the shooting type that you will be doing. At times it will require you to compromise what you want in sights for what you really need; therefore regardless of the manufacturers, whether your choice are truglo handgun sights or something else, it is of great importance that you understand what options you have.

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Laser handgun sights

Laser handgun sights use batteries. The life of the battery usually depends on the purchased model and whether the green or red laser is being used. The battery life’s length can vary from 4 to 48 hours. It is always recommended to keep extra batteries with you just in case. During the dark, the majority of lasers can be spotted up to several hundred-yards. In bright sunlight, it is difficult to see the lasers after 15 to 20 feet. There is also a possibility that you will be doing the shooting in the rain or under extreme humid conditions; therefore it is important that you get a waterproof laser sight.

The Purpose of Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

Two options are available for you to choose from, that is the Front laser sited and rear laser sights:

Front Laser Sights

This laser handgun-sights slide against the rail beneath and the laser is normally always green or red. As it is the case with the majority of scopes or sights, you must first ensure that the laser sight is sighted-in assuming that the laser sight you have purchased is adjustable. Most of the models have tiny elevation and windage screws for allowing the laser to be moved as it is required so as to ensure that the target is being hit.

Rear laser sights

Unlike the front laser sights, these mount onto the handgun’s top rear. There are benefits of having a laser on top. For example, with front laser sights, the hand gun can’t fit into the holster; or it may require you to replace the handgun’s railing or its internal stock parts so that the front-laser can fit. The rear laser sights are normally made for particularly one or two definite handgun models; hence it is important to ensure that the rear laser sight you buy is the one recommended for use on the handgun you own.

Laser sights are very beneficial in low-light and night shooting. The ease of just aiming a laser dot as opposed to lining up front and rear sights can increase both your accuracy as well as the shooting speed. They are also preferred by many for their self defense handguns due to their ease of aiming the dot on the target in comparison to aiming upfront and rear sights.

Holographic Sights

These are mounted on the handguns’ top. They work by projecting a holographic image. They have got reticles; the aiming-dot being the most popular one. One advantage of this type of handgun-sights is that the image which is projected can only be seen by the shooter. They are accurate, durable and can holdup well under harsh conditions. Holographic sights also run on batteries and the battery life will be determined by their (battery) model and type. These sights do not run-down batteries at the same fast pace as laser sights do.

Reflex Sights

The majority of the “red-dot” type of handgun sights falls in this category. They function by projecting a reticle forward from a point which is behind the objective lens, and then reflecting it off the objective-lens-assembly’s back toward the eye of the shooter. There are two general configurations of reflex sights:

i. Head-up type. These have only one lens assembly and the reticle-source-point will be below and behind the lens.

ii. The second configuration is the one which looks more like a scope; as it has got a tubular body with a lens element at each of its ends. Some of the tube-type reflex sights models include aimpoint pro, Leupold, Bushnell, and so many others.

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Fiber optic handgun sights

Fiber optic handgun sights are another type of handgun sights which includes two categories, namely: the red dot and the Telescopic sights. According to users’ reviews, it pays off pretty well to obtain a high quality Fiber optic sight than getting a cheap one with intentions of saving some little money.

  • Red dot sights

These are powered by a battery so as to project a red dot at the aimed-at point centered within the optical tube, where the conventional telescopic sight’s cross hairs would appear

  • Telescopic sights

The design of these handgun-sights enables the shooters to see distant targets very clearly and precisely aim at them. A telescope is used in the magnification of distant targets.

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Models of handgun-sights can be obtained on the market; however what the most important factor you need too consider is the comfort you get with a particular sight. Go ahead and make the best out of your shooting exercise by choosing the right handgun sight.