Knowing What Does the Best Red Dot Sight Offer

So you already have your ar 15. Anytime soon, you will decide on making an upgrade. As a first upgrade, red dot sights are most commonly chosen. When it comes to ease of use the best red dot sight for ar15 would be Aimpoint Pro.

What makes Aimpoint the best red dot sight?

What makes it the best is that Aimpoint pioneered the red dot sighting technology. They have over 35 years of working with experts of military weapon systems. It was in 1975 that Aimpoint created and manufactured the red dot sights. Until now, it has been the top choice of hunters and shooters worldwide.

best affordable red dot sight reviews

Top Reasons Why You Should Get the Best Red Dot Sight

  • It offers faster target acquisition.
  • It enables a more precise shooting.
  • It gives the shooter increased aiming confidence.
  • It offers wider field of view.
  •  It works best for fast follow up shots.
  • It facilitates better target visualization.
  • You aim at the target with both eyes open.
  • It can be used in any light condition

best red dot sight for ar 15 reviews

Also called as reflex sights, red dot sights are not just for Ar 15. They can also be used for rifles and shotguns too.  Whatever the weather and climate conditions are, Aimpoint makes the best red dot sight for shotgun. You can use it on any weather condition because they are waterproof. And because red dot sight is made simple, using this type of sight does not require dot centering anymore. You can immediately pull the trigger once you see the dot on your target. Red dot sights are also great to use when you are in low light situations.

Choosing the best type

  • The first thing you need to consider is the type of gun where you will be using the scope for. Less expensive scopes will be fine if it would merely be for airsoft or paintballing Average prices scopes will work for smaller guns with less recoil while handguns and rifles of high caliber would need the expensive types.

best red dot sight for shotgun reviews

  • Dots differ in sizes and may vary in color. Lower ambient light conditions usually uses red light while days with bright sunshine makes use of green dots. Moreover, most scopes gives you option to select the brightness of the dot ranging from 7 to 11 individual settings. A model that has a dot size of 5 MOA or less are best for rifles while larger size suits the hand guns best.
  • It is always best to choose those with multi-reticle scopes. This ensures you that the reticle selector dial setting works well with your shooting needs.

There are lots of red dot sights around. The only question you would have to deal with is which the best red dot sight is. As for the cost, go for the one that would last long, like a waterproof one. You just have to decide if your budget will fit in the price. Oftentimes the price indicates the quality of what you buy. But overall, if you will go for function as well as durability, think of what will be most beneficial to you regardless of the cost. So for the best value red dot sight, think of what you will get from it.

Additional tips

Another thing you ought to know is that these red dot sights are powered by batteries. If it has no battery, nothing is visible in a red dot sight.

Here are two very important tips regarding batteries for your red dots.

best value red dot sight reviews

  1. Hunting in cold weather drains the power of battery. For this reason, you need to bring backups.
  2. Always turn your red dot sights when not in use. This will help save battery.


Whether you use Ar 15 or rifles and shotguns, if you want speed and accuracy for your hunting action you will benefit from the best red dot sight that you purchase. They are most recommended especially if you are a newbie and want a speedy hitting action. When you would not want to miss a thing, go for red dot sight.