Essential Things You Should Know about Leatherwood Scopes

Leatherwood scopes were first designed by Jim Leatherwood and were used for snipers during the Vietnam War. These scopes were developed to facilitate easier range estimation which is of great help to snipers.  Today, scopes like Leatherwood hi lux scopes have been continuously improved.

The need for a good scope

People who are into military tactical operation or hunting games would want to be equipped with materials that would help them do their activities in a precise manner. If you are one of them, leatherwood scopes will help you to shoot more precisely even in longer ranges. This also allows you of having better target identification as well as faster recovery.

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What is the function of scopes?

Scopes help user to aim and hit the target with exact shot placement. Scopes magnify an image. It helps aim a target from a long range and aligns the center point where you will hit it with a bullet.  They are best when shooting at long range.  So with the right magnification, leatherwood rifle scopes help to hit a target easily. The best thing about these scopes is that you can aim and hit your target even if you know the range, and then the scope base will adjust accordingly. You just have to bracket your target to a known dimension, zoom in or out using the power ring, then shoot. Needles to say, riflescopes are very simple to use.

For an up-close and personal shooting situation, a Leatherwood CMR Tactical Riflescope is your best companion. It was developed for tactical and recreational shooting. You get a brighter and sharper image from its large diameter scope tube and multi-coated optics. Leatherwood rifles scopes are available in amber and red circle dot reticle. If you are into hunting game or tactical situation, this is best for you.

best leatherwood rifle scopes reviews

As years pass, scopes are made powerful. Despite the progress in its power, Leatherwood scopes remain relatively light. They do not weigh down your rifle. And the best thing about scopes is like the Leatherwood hi lux scopes, they are simple to use. If you want a better picture, you can make adjustment to the reticle focus at the ocular, depending on your vision.

Choosing the best scopes is as important as choosing your rifles. Without a scope, it is difficult, if not impossible, to aim at a target and hit it too. And because of this, you need to find the best scope available today.

A Few Guide you should Know when Buying Leatherwood Riffle Scopes.

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  • Magnification
    This is the key to allowing light to gather in your scope. Look for magnification that conforms to your vision. There are scopes which are known for its versatility when it comes to magnification options.
  • Adjustments

All scopes have adjustments. Modern scopes have adjustments that can be used with minimal effort.

  • Reticles

There are numerous choices of reticles. They vary according to thickness, range estimation intervals and design. Choose the ones that are simple to use. Take time to practice and see which one you prefer the most in the field.

  • Objective Size

Choose objective size that gives bright and clear images. The larger 30mm main tubes are said to be the most efficient since it allows greater range of elevation adjustments.

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  • Coating

This corrects the imperfections in the lens glass brought by grinding. There coatings which help in turning the dew or rain outside the lens into microscopic dots maintaining a perfect target viewing even in rainy conditions.


When you buy scopes and you want to be sure you are getting the best one, ask for experts assistance. You will benefit from gathering information from people who have firsthand experience with them. All the ease of hunting is made possible with leatherwood scopes. If you want to be sure, get them from a brand that is popularly used by hunters like Aimpoint Pro.