Night Vision Rifle Scopes

With the ever growing technology, different types of night vision rifle scopes have been made available in the market today. These are rifle scopes with the ability to ‘see’ at night regardless the darkness intensity. This has come as a great relief among many especially those who carry out their hunting mission at night.

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However, to some point it might prove daunting to come up with the ideal choice of a night vision rifle scopes considering the great number of brands that are in existence today. This is because they are all made in different ways. They all vary in terms of features and other aspects. For you to come up with the ideal choice of night rifle scope, you will require having the general knowledge on these devices. That way, you will be in a position to take into consideration different important factors in relation to night rifle scopes for ultimate best choice. You must also not be in any haste to make your selection take enough time instead.

Here are the principal things that you must consider when choosing a night vision rifle scopes:


Different night rifle scopes have different prices depending on their way of making. The dividing cost factor can be in features, resolution and magnification power among others. One thing for sure is that rifle scope with the ability to ‘see’ at night can be relatively expensive. If the price of a night rifle scope is way too low, then a bell should ring in your mind since this is not normal. You therefore need to set your budget in line with the kind of night rifle scope you require. It is also a great idea to do some comparisons between different dealers of the commodity and opt to go for one with considerate rates. If with a narrow budget, it is advisable you go for Aimpoint PRO (patriotic rifle optic) which comes at relatively low price yet with features adequate enough for night patrols.

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It is important to consider the distance that the night vision rifle scopes is able to reach while in use. Some have high magnification while others have low. The best choice for far shooters is a night rifle scope with high magnification ability. On the other hand, near shooter should go for rifle scope with lower magnification ability. However, in either case there are pros and cons attached. The secret is to choose one that tends to be above the other.


Apart from distance, determining the target type will enable you establish the right night rifle scope in terms of power. For a successful nigh mission, you must be in a position to clearly locate and see your target. This is the importance of considering target type as one of the principal factors. The following are key magnification rules that determine target location (applicable in all scopes):

  • Squirrels 4x magnification
  • 1.5-4x or 2-7x ( big game in dense environment)
  • 3-9x or 6-18x or 2.5-10x to 4-12x (big game in open environments)

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This is one thing you must not leave out when choosing night vision rifle scopes. Note that, it is features that are used to draw the difference between one rifle scope and the other. Good news is the digital night vision rifle scopes have been made available in the market. They are quite sophisticated and offer a great deal of merits over their manual counterparts. Establishing different features may at times be daunting. One of the ways to make the task easier is by reading through different night vision rifle scopes reviews. That way, you will not only learn about features but also come up with the best choice. Note that reviews are honest opinions from people who have made use of the product before therefore there are no chances of being misled.



The time in which you carry out your night mission will greatly help you in determining the kind of night scope you need. Cheap night vision rifle scopes come in three different generations depending on darkness intensity. Those at high generation have the ability to see in intense darkness and vice versa. If your night mission is scheduled for late nights, then generation 2 and 3 will be the most preferable. Normally, high generation rifle scopes goes at relatively high prices as compared to their low generation counterparts.