Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A gun safe dehumidifier reduces the relative humidity and maintains it on a level that is low enough in order to prevent rusting and other damages to the metal and wood parts of a firearm. Everything made of metal, including firearms are damaged by dampness. The moisture that is of concern is the water vapor amount in the air also known as relative humidity. The higher it is, the more the possibility that some water-vapor will condense on solid items causing damage. However, portable dehumidifiers are too large to use in the gun safe.

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Purpose of Gun Safe Humidifier

The purpose of the gun safe dehumidifier is to ensure that no condensation occurs inside the gun safe as well as on your firearm. Dehumidifiers are utilized to absorb moisture inside the gun safe which cause rust and mould build up. Condensation causes metal components to rust and could leave your safe with an unpleasant, moldy stench which is difficult to get rid of. Condensation can form within a safe as a result of temperature changes or high humidity levels in the air depending on where it is located and the condition of the climate.

Eva Dry Liberty Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Types of Gun Safe Humidifier

There are many types of dehumidifiers in the market. You need to select the best gun safe dehumidifier based on your needs and preferences. You need to consider factors such as safety, source of power as well as the budget that you have set aside for purchasing a dehumidifier. Basically, there are 3 types of dehumidifiers which include:

  • Electric or dry rod dehumidifier
  • Dessicant dehumidifier
  • Eva-Dry dehumidifier
  • Rechargeable dehumidifier

The electric gun safe dehumidifier has to be plugged into an electrical source. The Eva-Dry and desiccant dehumidifiers do not need electricity or batteries to function. Therefore, in case you are placing the safe further from any electrical outlet, you should consider this option. Rechargeable dehumidifiers are small, convenient and affordable and can be recharged through the internal battery.

Lockdown Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod

Dehumidifier Rods

A gun safe dehumidifier rod dehumidifies the gun safe in an entirely different way from desiccant packs. These rods function by increasing air temperature within your safe steadily and controlling it continually. The downside of these rods is the fact that they have to be plugged in. For people without a pre-drilled hole offered by the safe manufacturer, they would have to search for other options. These rods are highly effective and also easy to install.

Golden Rod

GoldenRod gun safe dehumidifier was designed to handle worst cases of humidity problems that can occur inside the gun safe or locker. Guns should be cleaned in continually warm, dry air condition and the dehumidifier mounted at the base of safe 24 hours daily. The air which is warmed by this dehumidifier ascends through the firearms and it is then replaced by cool air. This creates a constant air cycle movement and in this process, the temperature of metallic components of the guns rises slightly by about 3 degrees. This is enough to get rid of the propensity of cool metal to condense the moisture of damp air.

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Aimpoint Pro

The reliable Aimpoint Pro is sight equipment that is widely used by civilians, the police and army men. It is also known as Patrol Rifle Optic. This device is always set to function at all times and working conditions. There is no need for turning it on or off. Other features of this device front covers, rear covers and a red dot for targeting and focusing accuracy. The front lens uses a unique band pass coating that allows the scope to be utilized will all kinds of night vision devices. The deep placing of the lenses is useful for protecting it from damage as well as dirt. Individuals who experience difficulty with lifting heavy devices have an option of choosing the lighter ones. Using the hard anodized 30mm tubes enhances its durability. There are highly specialized scopes that are suitable for weapons and the needs of people. Vision devices mounted onto the shotguns and rifles provide a clear vision for the user.

Wooden parts also are kept at a level of warmth which discourages buildup of moisture at the wood-to-metal contact points. These are the most susceptible to corrosion, pitting and rust. They also are the most difficult to spot during a routine gun inspection exercise. This provides permanent and maintenance-free solutions to the humidity problems that are primarily found in small enclosures such as the gun safes. This is also the safest way to control and eliminate dampness.