Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safe is the most secure way of keeping weapons other valuable items at home. It is specially designed for quick access in case of an attack in the middle of the night or any other time. This reduces the amount of time one requires to access a safe in the time of emergency. Biometric gun safe eliminates the need of finding the right key or even recalling a complex numerical combination under duress. One can easily access fire arms for self- defense by simply scanning his/her finger prints. These devices are designed for long rifles, handguns and large valuables and other important documents.

Quick Access Barska Biometric Gun Safe

Barska Biometric Gun Safe

Due to their small sizes, Barska biometric gun safe is easily kept in limited obscure location. Intruders hardly notice the safe meanwhile in your house. This ensures that only the legitimate users have access to the gadget. Reliable locking mechanism is guaranteed with the high-tech fingerprint recognition. Other important documents and valuable contents are also placed in the safe. This biometric gun safe has the following features;

  • The owner of the biometric gun safe can register up to 30 fingerprints that open the lock upon purchasing. If a need arises, other entitled users can gain access of the safe in absence of the owner. Quick access is gained, with the touch of a finger in the correct position against the locking mechanism.
  • The safe has a back-up key for traditional access whenever the fingerprint is not available. This feature adds versatility to function, by having two independent quick accesses. This provides optimum reliability suppose the fingerprint fails. One is therefore guaranteed access of the safe in time of an emergency. However, fingerprint rarely fails.

Inprint Biometric Gun Safe

Though a bit expensive, Inprint gun safe has a reliable biometric recognition software with very low false rejection rate of 1: 100000. This provides superior reliability to the user. Its simple interface allows quick and easy setup. High-performance algorithm employed in this device enables high speed identification to enrolled fingerprints. Every time the user touches the fingerprint sensor, new information is added to the fingerprint templates in order to update slight changes that might have occurred over time. This feature also helps to distinguish variations between enrolled fingerprints. One can safely keep his/her money, personal effects, jewelry, firearms and other important documents. As a result Inprint biometric gun safe is ideal to use in law enforcement areas, schools, office and at health care facilities and in homes. This safe mean has the following features:

Reliable Biometric Gun Safe

Rugged steel construction

The 16 gauge blind seam construction with a fine textured coat finish enhances durability. As a result the device can be used in nearly any environment.

Outside A/C jack

In addition to the 9 ,V battery the device has an A/C jack can that enables it to be connected to a power source by simply plugging the A/C adapter in the A/c jack.

Singer Finger Active Scanning Operation

With a simple swipe of a finger, one is able to access the interior part of the safe.

Other features of this device include the spring loaded door, key back-up and soft interior foam lining.


Modern Small Biometric Gun Safe

Small Biometric Gun Safe

Small biometric gun safe unit is convenient for small fire arms such as pistols. One or two pistols are locked in the device. Gun accidents among the minors at home are highly reduced. In addition to providing safety, this device also protects firearms against fire and water damage. It also serve best to areas subjected to natural disasters. The biometric finger print lock is powered by a 4 AA battery which last for a long time. A/C adapter can be used in case the battery fails. The flash memory feature enables the devices to respond instantly. Multiple fingerprints can be enrolled in the memory.

Red Inprint Biometric Gun Safe

Aimpoint Pro

The reliable aimpoint pro device incorporates extremely unique features to maximize sight performance in all environmental conditions. With the band- pass lens coating, Pro is compatible with every night vision devices, providing a crystal clear image for quick target acquisition in close quarter situations. The 3-year battery life allows you to turn the unit on out of the box and leave it for always ready light.

One has a more obligation to lock up his/her firearm in a secure place. Remember one is open to criminal prosecution if someone is hurt with your weapon.